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8 Unbelievably Crazy Shopping Traits Of The Real Crazy Rich Asians, According To Personal Shopper Aimee Hashim

Still not over the Crazy Rich Asians craze? Well, this fascination with the romantic comedy film could go on for a while, as it was confirmed that Crazy Rich Asians is getting a sequel. Following the news that the film scored a whopping $35.3 million five-day opening, producer Brad Simpson shared with The Hollywood Reporter that they indeed have a plan for the next two films with author Kevin Kwan. Published in 2013, Crazy Rich Asians was succeeded by China Rich Girlfriend in 2015 and Rich People Problems in 2017.


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Given the interest in the lives of the real crazy rich Asians today, Metro.Style chatted with personal shopper/lifestyle consultant Aimee Hashim of the popular Love Luxe Bags business, to clue us in on the shopping traits of her incredibly affluent clientele.  

“If you’ve seen the movie and if you’ve read the book, Astrid Teo (played by Gemma Chan), she’s the ultimate crazy rich Asian,” Aimee says. “It really does exist even here in the Philippines. There are a lot of people who are under the radar who do spend a lot.”

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Aimee is wearing a black lace tank top by Chanel, black Dior belt, white palazzo pants by Dolce & Gabbana, gray platform heels by Fendi, all available for pre-order via LoveLuxeBags


1. They know what they want, and they need to get it ASAP. It’s a given that they are updated with the latest in fashion. Even though they’re rich, they still do their own research. They are aware of what pieces they should be investing in. This is perhaps why they’re wealthy in the first place—they stay on top of trends. “The people who are really affluent, they want to have the latest. They want to have the first dibs,’” Aimee says.



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2. They don’t want to feel FOMO (fear of missing out). Related to the first one, they constantly want to be in the know, because they want to be ahead of their amigas and their fellow titas, and do not want to miss out on all the hottest, most covetable items currently in vogue. It’s a status symbol, and exclusivity is the name of the game.

Online-based shoppers like Aimee exist to tickle their fancy with every eye-catching, attention-grabbing post. “They’d tell me, ‘Ooh, I think I don’t have that collection yet,’” Aimee shares. “They’ll just tell you, ‘I want this, and I want this right away. I want to wear this first.’”



Crazy rich style. ??What's your favorite fashion moment from #CrazyRichAsians?

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3. They never ask for the price. “HM?” No, you will never see them inquiring about how much an item costs, especially not on social media. They just don’t care about the price tag. “If they like it, they’ll buy it,” Aimee says. “Price is not an issue. They’ll just ask you, ‘Magkano na running bill natin?’” Upon seeing the running bill, Aimee says her clients are probably thinking: “Ah, ‘yan pa lang pala. Kulang pa. Sige sige, bili pa tayo!



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4. They buy a specific item they’ve set their eyes on in all colors and designs available.

They have this shopping trait: “’Ooh, I like this, this is so comfortable. I’ll buy it. Ilang colors meron? Ilan ang may size ko? Kunin natin lahat ‘yan.’” This happens more often than you imagine, especially with shoes.

Aimee also talked about one client who bought a limited edition embroidered, denim Gucci bag in all sizes,a collection that was only released in Japan. “Pare-pareho lang sila ng itsura. Wala silang pinag-iba, ‘yung sizing lang. Pati ‘yung cut pareho,” she shares. But her client didn’t mind that fact—she had set her eyes on this collection, so she had to have every item that’s part of it. The same client also shopped for a Dior dress that looks exactly the same, save for the color; she bought it in every color available.  



Dress to impress. ???? #CrazyRichAsians #RoyalWedding

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5. They look for pieces that are not readily available and easily accessible.

They want what even their fellow crazy rich people would have a hard time finding. Again, it’s a status symbol; if you’re the first one to wear or have the bag or shoe du jour, then that’s a major boost to your social relevance. “With clothes, ang gusto nila, kahit meron na readily available, madalas ‘yan, kung ano ‘yung wala sa store, ‘yun ‘yung papahanap, kasi nakita nila na suot ni ganitong Hollywood actress or supermodel, say, sa Vogue or on the IG of Bella Hadid and the likes,” Aimee tells Metro.Style. “The most unimaginable colors, ‘yung pinakamahirap hanapin, kailangan ‘yun ang hanapin mo.

The items she considers most challenging to get a hold of in her career as a personal shopper, Aimee says, are a pair of Ralph & Russo heels and a specific bag same as Princess Diana’s (which entailed having to talk to the designer herself); she got these for Marian Rivera, the celebrity client whom she is extremely grateful for. For Ralph & Russo, the European fashion label’s headquarters is in London, and all orders must be made through their atelier there at that time; Aimee worked on getting this pair for months, but it was all worth it in the end, because she made a client very happy.


The Ralph & Russo pair Aimee shopped for Marian


Aimee is wearing a black bodysuit, belt, necklace, and bag all by Chanel; black biker jacket by Junya Watanabe, and ripped jeans by J Brand


6. They don’t mind spending too much on shoes and clothes.

Some are hesitant to splurge on shoes, because they get stepped on and become dirty easily; they would rather spend on bags, clothes, or jewels. But as Aimee noticed in the shopping behavior of her clients, those who are insanely rich are willing to buy even the outrageously expensive pairs. “If you get to spend P100,000+ for shoes and a designer dress that would be out of season in a couple of months, what else can you not buy?,” Aimee points out.



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7. They’d rather get a personal shopper than shop in the stores themselves.

You’d think that the crazy rich fashionistas love stepping in luxurious boutiques and stepping out with paper bags that are too many for a personal assistant to handle. Well, they probably do enjoy checking out these stores, but they hate wasting time fitting. What they would do is ask their assistants to contact a personal shopper like Aimee and have their orders delivered right at their doorstep.  

Aimee says, “Some of them are actually in the store na, pero ayaw nang ma-stress pa sa size. They'd say, ‘Call mo na lang si Aimee, alam na n’ya lahat ‘yan. Padala mo na lang. I was already in the store pero ayaw ko na makipag-agawan pa, pila pa sila. ‘Wag na, ikaw na lang bumili, no hassle.’” Because of the unparalleled service Aimee gives, one of the nicest complements she has ever received from a very prominent client was when she was told, “You know, you are not only our shopper, you are our lifestyle partner.”



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8. They sometimes give advance payments, so their trusted personal shoppers can immediately buy when they eye something they want.

If they’ve established a good relationship with a personal shopper and trust him/her enough, they wouldn’t mind depositing a hefty amount of allowance, so that when fashion emergency (aka a limited edition item is released) occurs, the money is ready for purchasing right away.


Aimee is wearing a vintage tweed jacket, black bodysuit, belt, necklace, necklace used as a bracelet, and bag all by Chanel; and ripped jeans by J Brand


Photographs by BJ Pascual

Makeup by Mickey See

Hairstyling by Renz Pangilinan