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'Metro' Fashion Poll: Will You Wear Your Designer Bags And Shoes Out?

As it is necessary to always disinfect the clothes we wear out, we ask 10 girls whether they'll let their designer pieces undergo constant disinfecting day in and day out.

There’s nothing right or wrong when it comes to dressing up. Fashion is meant to define and redefine your personality but in retrospect, the pandemic has completely changed the way we dress. Gone are the days when we would often brave up the streets with layers and layers of high fashion pieces. Nowadays, people are gravitating towards comfort, safety, and function. But in the day and age when you constantly have to sanitize your clothes and shoes, we worry about their wear and tear. Constant disinfecting of bags? Chemical rugs to clean shoes before entering a mall? Should we really be wearing our designer shoes and bags out?

Health is our utmost priority but that doesn’t mean you should shed your personality away in exchange of face masks, PPE suits, and other protective gears, when we can execute both in perfect balance! Hear it from our fashion girls and how they balance out safety and style during our new normal

Art by Raff Colmenar

Fashion Poll is Metro’s latest installment highlighting fashion in quarantine and in post-quarantine. We asked 10 fashion girls with a yes or no question in the hopes of gaining perspective towards a specific idea towards dressing up during this pandemic. This week we asked the industry’s leading stylists, designers, entrepreneurs, and women of style with: Should you wear your designer bags and shoes out?

As reflected on our graph below, 8 out of 10 said Yes while 2 out of 10 said No. Find out what our stellar bunch has to say about the idea of bringing your precious pieces outside during COVID-19. You might just get something you can implement in your new normal! 

Art by Raff Colmenar

Kat Cruz says Yes

“Probably not as much jewelry, and will probably limit the items I’ll have on rotation. It’s not so much about the items being designer and all; it’s about one’s sense of self that I think almost everyone lost a little having faced fear and uncertainty. These pieces, whether luxury or not, when I bought them, spoke to me and is representative of my taste, my self.”

Amina Aranaz-Alunan says Yes

“I will still wear all my favorite fashion pieces when it is time to step out. Life must go on. We have to find a way to boost our morale, inject some simple joys, and add a certain level of normalcy as we face the days and months ahead.”

Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez says No 

“Lately I haven’t even bringing any bag out, just my phone, cash, and cards are in my pocket—but for jewelry just my basics which I don’t remove (a necklace and a bracelet). Otherwise its really best to just keep everything at home for the meantime.”

Pam Quiñones says Yes

"No doubt, a big Yes to me."

Patty Ang says Yes

“I don’t see why not. I think we should still be the way we are. But of course, we should be wearing masks and consider other protective measures.”

Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez says Yes

“I would because they are already in my closet and I believe that you should wear your favorite and best things as often as you can. Finding the appropriate outfit and time to do so is also something we should consider.”

Ria Prieto says Yes

“It’s not even about the brand but it’s about feeling good about yourself. If you have stuff in your closet that you haven’t worn, now is the time. That’s what I have learned while in lockdown. Nothing is permanent simply because it will always get better. Dressing up can be a way to affirm that you are living your best life now.”

Charmaine Lagman says No

“In time for our MECQ shift, I have already set some planned outfits. I’d most likely be in light inners with workout pants or jeans, a light PPE type jacket, a fabric/washable bag, and rubber shoes that will undergo a daily disinfecting process. I will have to put to rest my leather bags, shoes, jewelry, and stylish clothes until this pandemic is totally gone. Safety is my priority now!”

Tricia Centenera says Yes 

“My wardrobe is part of who I am. These are my clothes and these are the pieces that I am comfortable in. So why should I change who I am and change how I dress just because we have to wear face masks or protective gears when we can still be ourselves and be aware of our safety at the same time.”

Sofie Borromeo says Yes

"I feel that despite the new normal, which comes with a lot of adjustments, wearing what you would normally wear on a regular day helps to keep you stay inspired! The new normal will perhaps surprise everyone on how creative they can actually get with accessorizing despite having to add protective gear."

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