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Six Must-Visit Independent Shops In Makati

So you think you're the ultimate shopping guru that's mastered the art of mall, bazaar, sale, and pop-up hopping. If there's something you or a friend needs, you're able to think of the right places to visit. Add these independent boutiques that offer eclectic finds to your arsenal of retail expertise and solidify your reputation as a shopping expert!



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W17, also known as Warehouse 17, opened in 2011 and has continued to gain popularity since then. It's a literal warehouse that's been repurposed into a living, breathtaking space of artisanal and bespoke finds for the home and workplace. Every vignette is a source of design inspiration that it's tempting to just purchase all the items in one of them and recreate the scene in your own space. If you're a conversation piece kind of decorator, head on over as W17 is filled to the brim with one-of-a-kind antiques, furniture, pieces of art and other decorative items, big and small. Kaye and Andrés have partnered with over 700 artificers and craftsmen from around the world, so it really is a must for you to see their all-encompassing collection!  At the end of the day, their commitment to offering items that boast of traditional craftsmanship and quality has always appealed to their high-end clientèle whose tastes range from contemporary to traditional, and Western to Oriental. Designing a new space or looking to redecorate? W17 is the place for you. 

Where to find them: Warehouse 17, La Fuerza Compound 2241, Chino Roces Ave., Makati  





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Now this is a place you would never chance upon unless its directions were revealed to you in a dream. Located towards the back end of a non-descript building in Makati, Lanai is a concept store that offers fresh flowers, apparel, home accessories, and is also a cafe — a one-stop shop for shoppers who love hitting two (or four) stones in one trip! This is a great place for ladies with daintier and boho-inspired design sensibilities (think Elle Fanning in the Neon Demon, pre-transformation, and Vanessa Hudgens on a downtown shopping spree). Lots of their fashion items are bursting with cheerful florals, tones ranging from pastel to jewel, bold patterns, textures, and layers, while an array of fresh flowers can be ordered through them, and their good-for you- cafe menu is the healthy eater's newest best friend. 

Where to find them: C-4 The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Ave., Makati



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Art enthusiasts, we've just found your new go-to place. Aphro was established by Tina Fernandez of Art Informal, and it's an extension of her other art gallery that offers buyers functional, rather than purely decorative, art. The stuff you'll find ranges from paintings to stoneware, and utilitarian art like chairs and tables to wearable creations like shoes and bags. Some artists that have works displayed at the store include Felix Bacolor, Jayson Oliveria, Jojo Serrano, Erwin Leano, Ling Quisumbing, and Pablo Capati to name a few. Take note that if you find something you like, don't think twice — purchase it! Aphro's pieces are changed up to three times a week, and all of them are a hundred percent unique. Remember too that it's an art destination meant for everyone who wishes to spruce up their personal spaces. It's not at all an intimidating art gallery for only the high-browed, as the adult-friendly slide that takes guests from the second to the ground floor will prove. 

Where to find them: The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Ave., Makati




The smell of fresh flowers and a riot of color greet every shopper as they step inside Mabolo, a carefully curated flower shop that aims to make floristry an essential part of the sophisticated Filipino's lifestyle. Mabolo has actually been in business since the 90s, certifying it as an expert in the industry. The shop caters to individuals and corporate event organizers alike, and offers services like landscaping, gift conceptualization, tabletop and home accessory design, and furniture and furnishings enhancement. Their flowers are imported weekly, and if you're a particularly environmentally-conscious shopper, you'll be glad to know that they follow the international standards set by the International Flower Auction, Bloemen Bureau. 

Where to find them: 2295 Pasong Tamo Extention, OPVI (formerly Jannov Plaza), Warehouse II, Building I, Makati City




Nothing quite embodies traditional Filipino charm like Tesoro's. This local crafts store is highly recommended to tourists and balikbayans for good reason: their tableware, gift ware, embroideries, shell craft, heritage craft, and local apparel accurately and artfully capture the best of Filipino design. Piña textiles, capiz shell decor, bamboo souvenirs and intricately embroidered items are aplenty here, giving you the feeling that you've been transported back in time when Filipinos dressed to the nines each and every day and their homes looked nothing short of elegant. Nothing says you love local more than shopping at Tesosoro's to get your Filipino design fix. 

Where to find them: 1016 Arnaiz Ave., Makati 


Makati Garden Club 


You might as well rename this unique flower shop and cafe rolled into one The Secret Garden. Anyone who has turned right to Ayala Avenue from EDSA has, most likely unknowingly, driven past the Makati Garden Club. That corner is in fact home Maria Luisa's Secret Garden Room that serves up a special menu of authentic European bread and specialties! The menu was prepared by none other than Chef Sandra Fernandez of Savoy Bistro. Maria Luisa founded the Makati Garden Club and created this ultra-feminine space for ladies looking to spend time with their gal pals. We've just found you a new venue for weekday merienda, Sunday brunch, or quiet date night. Of course, don't be distracted from the pretty flowers and fresh foliage that are also up for sale. Your garden will thank you if you come home with a pot or two.

Where to find them: EDSA Corner Ayala Ave., Makati