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Spectacular Specs: 3 Ways To Look Stylish In Those Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have often been ­associated with being ‘scholarly’, or is reserved for the ‘nerdy’ bunch in class. But as we get older, wearing eyeglasses becomes more of a necessity and eventually becomes part of our everyday lives. How then, can we make sure we still look great while sporting a second pair of eyes?

Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t need to be a chore, neither does it need to look like you have trouble with your eyesight. We say dare to wear eyeglasses, and still look stylish while you’re at it! Here, we break down three ways you can maintain your fashionable side with four eyes on!


1. Opt for cool frames like tortoiseshell.

With literally thousands of styles to choose from in the market today, you better be sure you opt for a pair that compliments your wardrobe. So many designs feature cool materials for eyeglasses’ frames, such as stainless steel, plastic, wood, or tortoiseshell—there’s something for every style personality! We particularly love tortoiseshell for its timeless, stylish appeal.



Tortoiseshell eyeglasses, Lacoste Eyewear


2. Combine style with function.

Just because it’s stylish doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful. Quality brands know best to combine form with function, and with a pick like this Lacoste pair, you know you’re investing your money in a one that serves both.  Basic black eyeglasses are great for minimalist dressers, or for daily wear paired with cool corporate garb. These make for the most mileage when it comes to pairing it with the rest of your wardrobe!


Black eyeglasses, Lacoste Eyewear


3. Experiment with new shapes.

While rectangular frames are generally flattering for most face shapes, trying trendier shapes like this round pair ups you style cred a few points! Commonly associated with hipster dressing, round eyeglasses lend a bit more attitude than the traditional pair. While you’re already on the experimental route, double those efforts by choosing a color that’s out of the ordinary too!


Round Eyeglasses, Lacoste Eyewear


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