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'Emily in Paris': The Fashion Moments We Loved, Hated, And Were Baffled By

From bucket hats to eye-catching magenta coats, here are the outfits that stood out to us the most

Last week, Netflix’s Emily in Paris arrived on the streaming platform exactly like its American protagonist: loud, touristy, and unapologetically silly. The show itself offers a couple of laughs and smiles here and there, becoming enchanting enough to be a source of escapism even for a few hours. It prides itself on cinematic and picturesque views of the arrondissements of Paris, as well as the costume design, consulted on by Patricia Field, whose work also includes Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. On Emily in Paris, there is no shortage of standout looks, all styled specifically to fit the character wearing them, from Emily’s hat of the day to Sylvie’s jewels. Here, we take a look at the fashion moments we loved, hated, and were baffled by throughout the season. 

’Emily in Paris’ Is Adequately Enchanting Escapism


’Emily in Paris’ Is Adequately Enchanting Escapism

Photos from Netflix