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Steal Her Style: Blogger Lissa Kahayon Shares Her Top Summer Fashion Picks

Metro Manila-based blogger Lissa Kahayon is a scenestealer known for her ultra colorful and carefully curated closet. With over 71.8K followers, her Instagram feed is full of breathtaking travel photos (and stunning travel outfits!)—making it a go-to for adventurous Filipinas in search of fashion and lifestyle inspiration online.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the social media influencer, stylish woman, fitness junkie, and entrepreneur shares her top wardrobe picks this summer. Keep scrolling for your dose of fashion fix!


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Metro.Style: What are your favorite summer fashion trends?

Lissa Kahayon: Definitely basket bags and cute earrings!




Found my new favorite restaurant. ?? Photo by: @gedrobles ??

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Metro.Style: Where can one find chic basket bags?

LK: From my brand, Ádemar Manila! Shameless plug! Haha!



Metro.Style: What is your current summer beauty obsession?

LK: I am currently obsessed with the Kate Somerville spray-on sunscreen, because I can just spray it on after I do my makeup, and then re-apply during the day!


Photo: Kate Somerville 


Metro.Style: What are your top summer wardrobe must-haves?

LK:  A stylish pair of sandals,


Just hanging out at the pool bar. ??@bhotelqc - - Photo by: @gedrobles ??

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a chic sun visor and a basket bag,


cute earrings,


and of course, a bikini!


I'm coconuts about you. ?? Bikini from ??

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Metro.Style: What earring trends are you into now?

Lissa Kahayon: It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s oversized.


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Sunday mood. ?? @tijiliseminyak

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MS: What do you look for in a bikini?

LK: It has to be in a cute print and a sexy cut.


Brunch in bed. ???? @huepuertoprincesa

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MS: It's getting quite hot these days. What is your no-fail tip to dressing up in the summer?

 LK: Wear light clothes and don’t forget to put on sunblock!





Lead photos from @lissakahayon