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#MetroStyleWatch: Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez Elevates Her Fashion And Style For Metro Home

We know Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez as the woman behind the successful local furniture brand Philux, and the expert in front of the camera for Metro Channel’s award-winning home and design show, Metro Home. But more than her design and marketing savvy, Stephanie also carries with her a signature elegance that translates in the way she carries herself in her day-to-day work.

As a #MetroMostStylish2018 woman, Stephanie knows and breathes style. But it’s not just beautiful and lavish clothes that make up her sense of fashion. She knows how to wear texture and play with silhouettes, the same way she would play with these design elements for her or her clients’ homes. And with beautiful spaces on her background for Metro Home, she shines only more brightly and beautifully.


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Here are our favorite outfits from Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, as styled by Qurator Studio, from her Metro Home season 2 episodes.


Textures and patterns

Stephanie kicks off season 2 of Metro Home with a terrific ensemble, perfect for a celebrity home and guest. She visits the home of renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue in Cebu, and then goes on to talk to him at his showroom in Greenbelt. Mimicking Kenneth’s signature of playing with textures, Steph goes through the episode wearing this one-of-a-kind Dion Lee skirt donning their signature gradient fabric perforation.


Also shown above is Steph wearing this navy blue blouse with a quirky silhouette, with Kenneth Cobonpue’s signature Dragnet lounge chair on the background.


Another interesting play of textures is this classy grey dress. Worn on the second episode of Metro Home, Steph is able to move around the featured condominium unit wearing this comfortable number. She is also wearing what looks like a pair of modern Cinderella heels, with black accents at the tips and a glass-like transparent body.

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It seems Steph also has a penchant for matching with whatever set they’re shooting in! Against this black and white showroom, Steph’s black and white number is like a match made in style heaven. She is able to elevate her simple black slacks with a white off-shoulder top, which brings a little flair into an otherwise straight-forward outfit.


This home features warm woods against a predominantly grey-white canvas. And the contrast of the warmth and the cool, clean grey is mirrored perfectly in Steph’s outfit above. Not only are the colors contrasting perfectly; she is also able to contrast the straightness of her box pants with the fun and quirky material and make of her top.



Bold shapes and lines

When it comes to making a statement, you can pull it off by striking a conversation with an over-the-top silhouette or bold lines. Steph stands out beautifully in this episode where she and her co-host Anton Barretto visit a sustainable and eco-friendly home, wearing a mustard puff-sleeve shirt that screams elegance and power.


A nice showcase of the brilliant use of bold lines is this asymmetrical blue dress, which shows just enough skin to trudge the thin line between flirtatious and elegant. Steph is also not scared of letting her heels make an appearance more than once on air, as she finishes off her outfit with her modern Cinderella pumps.



Love local

Alongside other Metro Channel shows that bagged Jury Awards at the 17th Gawad Tanglaw in May, Metro Home was awarded the Jury Award for Sustainable Design and Innovation for showcasing Filipino talent in the arts and design. And this season, Metro Home endeavors to highlight Filipino heritage and culture preserved in many ancestral homes.


And with beautiful antique furniture and brick arches on her background, Stephanie indeed stands out wearing a modern take on the baro’t saya. For this look, she rocks a different version of her puff sleeve top in salute to the bell-sleeved camisa that makes us up half of the traditional Filipiniana gear, and a beautifully painted side slit skirt as her saya. Watch out for this episode, where Steph and Anton visit the ancestral homes of Jo Liza and the Benitez clan, soon on Metro Channel.


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Watch out for more of Stephanie’s show-stopping outfits on Metro Home, airing Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m., only on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Watch replays throughout the week or on demand via iWant.