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How To Style Monochromatic Outfits, According To Laureen Uy

You can count on style blogger Laureen Uy to deliver eccentric street style looks worthy of double takes. And when it comes monochromatic outfits, she sure knows how to effortlessly pull them off.

"Honestly, I love monochromatic looks!" the fashion influencer told Metro.Style. "Even if you're not wearing coords, meaning the pieces aren't really meant for each other, you can still play with different pieces as long as they're in the same color family." 

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Photo: Daniel Soriano for Metro.Style


Here at Metro, we're also a huge fan of this styling technique—it's an easy way of coming up with an undeinably cool outfit! From layering and adding dimensions, to playing with different lengths and silhouettes, there are plenty of ways to go monochrome in style. Let Laureen Uy teach us how!


1. Start with the basics and invest in classic neutrals

"[If you're still starting out,] don't go for bright colors muna," Laureen advises Metro readers. "First, try to feel if it's really your style, and if you can wear it over and over again—even with basics like jeans or blazers. You have to have key pieces in your closet all the time!" 

We're in love with this classy beige and tan look. Laureen layered basics—a t-shirt, high-waisted trousers, and an oversized blazer—to create this effortless, sophisticated look. 

Photo: @laureen



2. Slowly inject a pop of color to make your look more interesting

Here's a fun way to add dimension to your all-neutral outfit: inject a bold color to add some playfulness to your look! In the first OOTD, Laureen wore a teal shirt underneath her tan coordinates to avoid "drowning" in beige. In the second look, the blogger layered a beige dress over a red turtleneck top, finishing her look with fiery boots. 

Photo: @laureen


Photo: @laureen


3. Wear pieces within the same color family

Decide whether you're going for warm (red, orange, yellow, etc.), cool (blue, purple, green, etc.), or neutral hues—the color wheel is your best friend! After selecting a color scheme, wear pieces only from your palette of choice.

In the first look, Laureen sported variations of pink. She wore a cropped top, corduroy trousers, an oversized blazer, a hand bag, and sunnies—all in pastel shades! Meanwhile, in the second OOTD, she donned two different shades of blue.

Photo: @laureen 


Photo: @laureen


4. Ready to advance to the next level? Have fun color blocking!

While this isn't exactly monochromatic anymore, color blocking is a great way to add a bold, interesting twist to your outfit. Create an aesthetically pleasing combination by wearing pieces in complementary hues (colors that are directly opposite of each other in the color wheel) or analogous hues (colors that are adjacet to each other in the color wheel). 

Laureen's green and yellow number is a fun, energizing style statement, while her lavender and mint green ensemble is calm and relaxing. It's true what they say—colors do tell us a story!

Photo: @laureen


Photo: @laureen


For more monochromatic outfit inspiration, swipe through this gallery!



All photos via @laureen