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Subtle Is Sexy: Here's What You Need To Catch His Attention—And Respect!

Ah, Valentine's Day! One of those times when the pressure to look really pretty is ON. While some couples have already passed the need to impress each other in the looks department, some still want to look extra good on days like Vday. And why the heck not? Dressing up for your partner is a great way of showing that you care, or that your date means a lot to you. 

Although some may choose to go the show-off your skin route, we'd like to suggest a subtler way to show your sexy side: By choosing pieces that are tasteful and classy inasmuch as they are stylish (and yes, still sexy!) We gathered pieces you might like for that romantic dinner tomorrow, so read on, take notes, and make a mad dash to your closet (or to the mall) for the perfect piece!


A leather skirt & basic tee combo

You may think that a black leather mini skirt is too sexy, but once paired with the right laid-back pieces, it can be toned down and actually look pretty good. Since oversized plaid and houndstooth blazers are still very trendy at the moment, putting one over a loose cotton t-shirt and a black leather skirt is a great date night look for a casual restaurant. 


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A belted blazer

By now, you probably know how much we adore blazers: They're great for work, they immediately add an edge to a basic outfit, and they can double as a dress (especially if they're oversized!) For date night, bring that oversized blazer out, put a statement belt over it, and if you're not comfy not wearing a bra, don a lace-y one underneath to show just the right amount of skin. If it's too short for you, wear a skinny pair of trousers or jeans and you're good to go!


Sexy shoulders

A woman's shoulders is one of the sexiest parts of her body, and when shown off the right way, your man won't be able to stop staring! We love a nice off-shoulder top, or a halter one such as this with long sleeves, where you don't show off everything, but just the right amount of skin. Pair with a modest bottom choice, a ponytail or a bob to finish off the look.


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A subtle sheer top

By sheer, we don't mean the types that show off your entire soul. A chic sheer top is one that leaves just enough for the imagination without sacrificing style. With a choice like this, you can even rock that pretty new bra top you just bought, by layering it underneath. Keep everything else classy—a wide leg pair of pants, an A-line skirt, or culottes, and off to your date you go!


Strategic cutouts

Notice how we mentioned the word "strategic". By this, we basically mean showing off some skin in a particular part of your body, then covering the rest so your partner gets his imagination working. When you go this route, you actually pull off a fashion statement too, since maxi dresses are an of-the-moment trend! Pair with a clean hairdo, minimal accessories, and you'll be just fine.


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A deep-V neck

Why complicate things when a classic deep-V neck can do the trick? We're pretty sure you own at least one top with this cut, so why not bring it out, accentuate with a sexy, dainty necklace, and finish off with messy beach waves? 


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Lead photo via Women With Style