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Here's Exactly How Sunnies Studios Is Making Better Eyewear

This is the update we've all been waiting for!

In case you haven't heard of the good news yet, Sunnies Studios is on the road to becoming fully sustainable.

For Sunnies Studios, sustainability is all about minimizing their environmental impact through making use of responsible materials such as biodegradable acetate, plant-based plastic, and recycled polyester in making our favorite frames. The brand's hunt for sustainable alternatives that do not compromise on quality and durability started last year when they pledged for this change.


By slowly introducing new-found advancements and ethical practices into their production, the brand aims to be 100% sustainable in the near future. As of today, Sunnies Studios is at 77% of their new developments! Frames like the Dex+, Tobias, and the soon to be released version of Bart, were the first few ones to undergo an update.


If you already want to get your hands on the brand's new sustainable frames, select from the e-commerce widgets down below. Click the Shop button so we can directly take you to their website where you can make your purchase. Here's to seeing the future in a whole new light with Sunnies Studios!

Sunnies Studios Tobias


  • Sunnies Studios Tobias

Sunnies Studios Dex+


  • Sunnies Studios Dex+

Photo Courtesy of Sunnies Studios