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Here's A Complete Guide On What To Do With Your Unused Clothes This 2021

You're only a few steps away from living more sustainably this year!

If you haven't had a chance to clean or refine your closet this year, let this article serve as a sign for you to get the job done right now. To prep ourselves for yet another year full of style, we'd have to make room for pieces that truly matter! There's no point in keeping a 5-year-old basic white button-down or a limited edition sneaker you got for a steal if they don't spark joy anymore. This guide is here to help you in more ways than one. We give you 5 smart and sustainable ways on how you can handle all of your unused accessories, bags, shoes, and clothing. 

Read up down below as we guide you through your 2021 closet clean-up! In an orderly fashion, you will have to set up at least five boxes/containers with the labels Donate, Upcycle, Resell, Consign, and Hand Me Down.



You don't have to wait until the Holiday season again to share some love! If a piece of clothing doesn't bring you joy anymore that doesn't mean it has fully lost its ability to bring the same experience it once gave you to someone else. Donate wearable pieces of clothing to communities in need whether through an organization or personally dropping them off in an area most convenient to the donees. Remember to properly disinfect or take the items to the laundry first before handing them over. Make sure that each piece is still wearable for everyday! Save the sparkly dresses or tuxedos for reselling or upcycling. Donate shirts, jeans, and sneakers if you can!


Get creative and upcycle your unused fashion pieces during your spare time. There are so many tutorials you can find online from turning a dress to a face mask, a shirt to a ruched crop top, or a blanket to a blazer and skirt set, Youtube has got you covered. Don't fret if you don't know how to sew, you can learn and there are also so many non-sew tutorials in the internet from bleaching, bedazzling, to printing! You can event paint or hydro drip your sneakers if you want to go the extra mile. Reworked pieces have been flooding the market since last year, take your own stylish route to upcycling with pieces you already have in your closet.


Reselling has become so convenient ever since the surge of secondhand apps and shops worldwide. From Carousell, Depop, to Instagram, you can literally post your preloved items to an account for a number of interested buyers to see. The best part about reselling is that you can do it at your own time and you can definitely earn from pieces you don't use anymore. Make sure to price your jewelry, clothes, bags, and shoes fairly so you can sell them fast! 


Consigning your unused designer items is the way to go! The difference between reselling and consigning is that when you reach out to a consignment store, you can easily sell your preloved items without doing the work. Although you will most likely have to pay a consignment fee, this is the easiest way for you to reach a wider market. A few things to remember is to look for a trusted consignment store within your area and make sure that your items will be priced fairly. One of our favorite brands who sell authentic secondhand luxury bags is Freya Collective, make sure to check them out and get a chance to sell your preloved pieces through their website.


If you've been holding onto an unused sentimental piece for years now but you can't seem to let it go then we think its best for you to pass it down to a loved one. We're sure your daughter or younger sister would love to sport a special piece from your closet!

Right before you start piling up, here are three things to remember:

1. Make time for your closet clean-up. Sifting through hundreds of items can take hours so its best to take time and decide which pieces truly belong in which pile! Schedule at least one or two days to fully purge your closet.

2. Accept the fact that you will have to let go of some pieces whether they're sentimental or not. If a piece of clothing doesn't serve its purpose anymore i.e. it's in the wrong size, it's damaged, or you barely even wear it, then it's time to let it go.

3. And lastly, you've got to promise yourself not to overshop! Save time and space with pieces that truly matter. There's no point in buying an insanely steal priced item if it only lasts you a year. Always think long term! Buy sustainable and items of quality so you won't ever have to go through heaps and heaps of clothing every year.

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