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The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project: Our Expert Guide For Women With Small Cups

Women with flat chests are sometimes seen as "less womanly" and alluring—but let us be the first to say that having more subtle curves isn't a lack of femininity! Flat chested ladies are definitely "womanly" and beautiful, too—it's all just a matter of finding the right pieces to flatter your body.

Yes, even women with small cups can feel sexy wearing a bikini! After all, at Metro.Style, we firmly believe that every body is a swimsuit body. 

The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project

We are huge advocates of being a hundred percent accepting of every body shape there is in existence, plus the natural processes that govern women's bodies and the physical changes that result from them. 

In our book, nursing mothers are allowed to wear bikinis. Full-figured girls are definitely most welcome to flaunt their assets in a swimsuit they love. Athletic women look killer in their work out gear, and in a bathing suit. Petite gals and flat-chested women are just as sexy on the beach, too! 

Really—it's all about loving and owning your body. It's a lesson we've been told time and time again, but we remind all women that we dress up for ourselves and not for others. And besides, what else would you wear to the beach other than a swimsuit that makes you feel just as hot, or heck, even hotter, than the sun blazing down on you? 

With this in mind, we developed the ultimate guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type. With the rise of more and more fashion labels that feel the same way about body positivitiy as we do, we're happy to say that more women can rediscover the joys of shopping for swimwear this summer and beyond—sans their insecurities and fears of not finding a style, size, or cut that suits them to a tee. 

Featuring real women from different fields combined with expert opinions from fashion veterans like our very own Metro Magazine Executive Editor and celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva, this ultimate swimwear guide serves to prove to women that they are, in fact, swimsuit-ready in their own right and have nothing else to worry about besides staying happy and healthy. 

To read our expert guide, scroll ahead!

Every body is a swimsuit body!


For women with this body type, one tip to remember is to look for pieces that add volume to the top. Pieces that draw the attention to the shoulders and neck are a great way to emphasize your dainty collarbones. Believe us when we say that the small detail in your swimsuit choice makes a huge impact. 




April Gomez Baldovino

Human Rights Worker, 24 years old


Tell us something about yourself 

“I work in an NGO for the dignity of every human life.”


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

“I live a very simple lifestyle. Right now, I’m really busy with work, but when I have free time, I like to watch series and do yoga.”


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

“Most of the swimsuits in the market are too big for me, especially for my chest area.”


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"To be honest, I don’t buy a lot of swimsuits. The one that I have with me right now is a simple Nike suit. It’s not fashionable, but I’ve been wearing the same swimsuit since I was in high school! Every four years, I buy a new piece—but of the same design. I like swimsuits that are comfortable and I can wear them the whole day."


Editor's Style Tip

April has a long, lean, and modelesque body. We styled her in a ruffled top to add volume to her otherwise flat chest. The striped prints also draw the eyes horizontally, adding visual balance to the hips.



What do  you think of your look?

"I really like the top! I like the style, and it fits me super well!"


How does finding the right swimsuit love your body more?

"This outfit made me really comfortable in my skin—I didn’t worry about having a nip slip or anything. Wearing a well-fitting swimsuit really does make you feel more confident!"


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Produced by Hershey Neri (@heyhershey)

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Writen by Hershey Neri (@heyhershey) and Sara de los Reyes (@saraloopdeloop)

Styled by John Karunungan (@johnkaranungan) and Hillary Lee (@hi_hieellz) of Styleditgroup (@styleditgroup)

Makeup by Myrtle Ruaza Gallardo Inglot Philippines (@inglotph)

Hair by Jayr Tuliao and Joshua Estrope of Bianca Festejo Salon (@Bianca Festejo Salon), and

Sam Corbillon and Jennifer Pascual of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon (@tripleluckbrowandnailsalon)

Editorial Assistant: Cara Tirona

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