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The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project: Our Expert Guide For Women With Big Butts

Ladies with pear-shaped bodies, raise your hands high and proud!

With fuller bums, wider hips, and thicker thighs, women with this body type are thoroughly blessed in the curves department! But let's be honest: it can be quite a challenge to find a summer-ready swimsuit that highlights the right bumps and humps. 

But not to fret, because at Metro.Style, we truly believe that every body is a swimsuit body.


The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project

We are huge advocates of being a hundred percent accepting of every body shape there is in existence, plus the natural processes that govern women's bodies and the physical changes that result from them. 

In our book, nursing mothers are allowed to wear bikinis. Full-figured girls are definitely most welcome to flaunt their assets in a swimsuit they love. Athletic women look killer in their work out gear, and in a bathing suit. Petite gals and flat-chested women are just as sexy on the beach, too! 

Really—it's all about loving and owning your body. It's a lesson we've been told time and time again, but we remind all women that we dress up for ourselves and not for others. And besides, what else would you wear to the beach other than a swimsuit that makes you feel just as hot, or heck, even hotter, than the sun blazing down on you? 

With this in mind, we developed the ultimate guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type. With the rise of more and more fashion labels that feel the same way about body positivitiy as we do, we're happy to say that more women can rediscover the joys of shopping for swimwear this summer and beyond—sans their insecurities and fears of not finding a style, size, or cut that suits them to a tee. 

Featuring real women from different fields combined with expert opinions from fashion veterans like our very own Metro Magazine Executive Editor and celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva, this ultimate swimwear guide serves to prove to women that they are, in fact, swimsuit-ready in their own right and have nothing else to worry about besides staying happy and healthy. 

Every body is a swimsuit body!


For this article, we'll be styling three curvy women who want to flaunt their best assets, pun intended. One METRO styling tip for women with big butts is to pick suits that give visual balance and control.


To read our expert guide in finding the best swimsuits for this body type, scroll ahead!



Yma Cuervo

Plus Size Model, 25 years old

Instagram: @yma_cuervo


Tell us something about yourself

"I used to be in PR, but now I’m exploring my options. I’m also a plus size model in the side. I love theatre—I’m such a big fan. Recently, I watched Hope for the Flowers and it was amazing."


What kind of lifestyle do you live?

"When I was working, I was really busy hustling and doing PR for a brand. Now, I’m relaxing with my family and friends. I’m happy to be catching up with people who are important to me!"


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"A lot of cute swimsuits don’t fit me. I’m happy to see that there are now a lot of inclusive brands, especially on Instagram. That’s where I find swimsuits now. I skipped going to the mall because they don’t carry a size bigger than XL, sometimes even L. It’s nice to see that there are now small businesses who recognize this, and they’re doing something about it by catering to all body types."


When you’re looking for a swimsuit, what is one thing that you look for?

"Whenever I look for a swimsuit, be it in a tiangge or in the mall, they always point me to the rash guard section because they assume that I want to cover my body. They think I want to cover everything, and that I want to hide from people. Rashguards are great options for lots of people, especially for those who like to surf, but I feel like there’s something wrong in assuming that everyone who’s heavy wants to cover up."


Editor's Style Tip:

What Yma said rings true: not all curvy women want to "cover up"! METRO women, embrace your beautiful body and show the world what you've got. 

We styled Yma in a sexy, form-fitting suit. A wrap-around is generally flattering for all body types, because of the V-shapped neckline and the cinched waist it creates. 

Yma is clad in a wrap around suit from Float Swimwear (@float_swim)


What do you think about your look?

“I love it! I’m so excited to see the photos. It’s so vibrant and young, and I love the swimsuit that I’m wearing. Everything. I love everything about the shoot.”


How does finding the right swimsuit help you love your body more?

“When I started to see brands catering to people with my body type, I didn’t feel the need to conform anymore. I didn’t feel the need to go on a ridiculous diet a week before a beach trip, just so I could fit into a swimsuit.


Ally Gonzales

Country Marketing Manager of SweetEscape Philippines, 28 years old

Instagram: @allylimgonzales


Tell us something about yourself

“I am the country marketing manager of SweetEscape Philippines. SweetEscape is an on-demand photography platform. It’s kind of like an AirBnb or an Uber for photographer! So anywhere around the world, you can book a photographer to shoot your travels.”


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

“I live a very active lifestyle. I’ve been an athlete since college, and have ran marathons and triathlons. I also taught spinning in Ride Revolution for 2 and a half years. When I got married, I took a break to focus on building our house and adjusting to married life. 

Fitness shaped my outlook on sports, and how it really affects your life. When. I don’t workout, I feel sluggish and lethargic.”


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

“I’m pear shaped, and I have flat chests—God didn’t give me great boobs but he gave me a great ass! Haha! So for bikini tops, I’m a small, and for bottoms, I’m a medium. I can never buy from retailers that sell tops and the bottoms together in one size. I like stores that let me buy pieces separately.

I also find it a challenge to buy one-piece swimsuits. Sometimes, if it fits right on the top, it might be too tight on the butt area. There are only certain brands I can buy from.

Eventually, I discovered that high-leg pieces are really good for my body type, because the hole is really big, so my ass can come out.”


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

“The benefit of not having much boobs is I can wear the skimpiest top, so that’s where I show all the skin. I look for very skimpy tops, but I have to be very careful for the bottom. I noticed that the regular type of bikini bottoms come in thick straps—those really don’t do anything for my legs.

High-cut is really good for me because it makes my legs look longer, and it flatters my ass, too. I like finding stuff that highlight my best assets.”


Editor's Style Tip

Ally has strong, athletic legs, and hips wider than her shoulders. We styled her in a V-shaped bikini bottom, which draws the eyes inward, making her torso look slimmer. At the same time, it accentuated her booties. It's all about achieving balance!

Ally is wearing a minty two-piece ensemble from Sycamore Swimwear (@sycamoreswimwear)


What did you think of your look?

“It’s really good! The string top is definitely something I wear. I was a bit hesitant to wear the bottom at first, because it has a 1-inch side, but the nice part about it is that its front has a V-like front.

It highlighted my torso, and made me feel slender. The color was nice—I would normally never go for teal because I’m a very neutral person, but I’m surprised that I like it!”


How does finding the right swimsuit love your body more?

“I used to try on a lot of trends, and wonder, ‘Why doesn’t this look good on me?’.  But I realized, some pieces just don’t highlight our best assets and hide what we want to “hide”. Don’t go with the trend—instead, find what works for you. By finding the right swimsuit, you will find the best parts of yourself.”



Pilar Recto

Editorial Assistant at Metro Society Magazine, 24 years old

Instagram: @pilar_recto


Tell us something about yourself.

"I’m an editorial assistant for Metro Society Magazine. We put the magazine together, and I also like to direct and produce photoshoots for its contents. I also write sometimes, and do some administrative work to keep the magazine going."


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

"I’m very laid-back and chill. When I’m not in the office, I’m usually just at home or I go out and see some friends. On my free time, I like to go to the beach and relax. I love being by the sea! I really love Siquijor—there are mountains, lush rice fields, and beautiful coconut trees. The beaches have white sand and clear water. It’s magical."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"I’m really big chested, so a lot of the times, it’s hard to find a piece that fits my boobs. I also have a large butt, that’s why usually I have to find a piece that’s a little bigger to fit everything. 

Other than that, I’m comfortable in a string bikini just as long as it’s supportive. I’m usually comfortable in a two-piece, but I also like one-piece suits."


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

“I look for something that makes me look and feel good. I like getting tops with V-cuts to accentuate my neckline, and simple strings. For bottoms, I go for something that’s cheeky, but not too cheeky. I want something that I feel comfortable in—a piece that won’t fall off even if I jump or run around all day.”


Editor's Style Tip

Pilar has an endearing, care-free character. We styled her in a fun, deep-V one-piece that flaunted her tattoo.

A one-piece suit never fails to provide the support you need, all while highlighting the right assets

Pilar is wearing a one-piece swimsuit from Coral Swimwear (@coralswimwearph)



What do you think of your look?

“I really like it! I honestly love this one-piece suit. The cut is perfect, and I like the string. The neckline is great—it hugs my body really well. I really love olive green, too.”


How did finding the right swimsuit love your body more?

“When I’m in a really well-fitting suit, I feel like, ‘Oh wow! I love my body! I love my curves and everything’. Wearing a good swimsuit makes me feel confident and happy.”


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Produced by Hershey Neri (@heyhershey)

Photography by Ria Regino (@riaregino)

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz (@theonlychookiecruz)

Written by Sara de los Reyes (@saraloopdeloop) and Hershey Neri (@heyhershey)

Styled by John Karunungan (@johnkaranungan) and Hillary Lee (@hi_hieellz) of Styleditgroup (@styleditgroup)

Makeup by Bea Hernandez (@beahernandezmakeup) on Yma; Acie Forés Romero-Salas (@aciefores) on Pilar;; and Kristel Yap (@kristelyap_makeup) on Ally, in partnership with Inglot Philippines (@inglotph)

Hair by Jayr Tuliao and Joshua Estrope of Bianca Festejo Salon (@Bianca Festejo Salon), and

Sam Corbillon and Jennifer Pascual of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon (@tripleluckbrowandnailsalon)

Editorial Assistant: Cara Tirona

Special thanks to Pria’s Kitchen (@priaskitchen)