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The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project: Our Expert Guide For Women With Large Busts

We feel you, busty ladies. 

While women with large breasts are blessed with curves, shopping for swimwear can be quite a challenge. Some pieces may look cute at first glance, but are completely unflattering when worn! We've heard of ~heartbreaking~ stories of heavy-chested women letting go of cropped tops and cute triangle bikinis in stores, just because they don't deliver the kind of support they need. 

But hey, who's to say you can't hit the beach without feeling confident about yourself? Creating a summer-ready wardrobe is all about finding which pieces highlight our best assets, helping us embrace, love, and even flaunt the body we have.

For women with large breasts, swimsuits that offer ample support and coverage are a must. But METRO women, always remember this—"secure" doesn't mean "unsexy"! From underwired bras to form-fitting maillots, there are plenty of chic pieces in the market that will help you feel sexy and classy—minus the much-dreaded nip slip.


The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project

Here at Metro.Style, we believe that every body is a swimsuit body. We are huge advocates of being a hundred percent accepting of every body shape there is in existence, plus the natural processes that govern women's bodies and the physical changes that result from them. 

In our book, nursing mothers are allowed to wear bikinis. Full-figured girls are definitely most welcome to flaunt their assets in a swimsuit they love. Athletic women look killer in their work out gear, and in a bathing suit. Petite gals and flat-chested women are just as sexy on the beach, too! 

Really—it's all about loving and owning your body. It's a lesson we've been told time and time again, but we remind all women that we dress up for ourselves and not for others. And besides, what else would you wear to the beach other than a swimsuit that makes you feel just as hot, or heck, even hotter, than the sun blazing down on you? 

With this in mind, we developed the ultimate guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type. With the rise of more and more fashion labels that feel the same way about body positivitiy as we do, we're happy to say that more women can rediscover the joys of shopping for swimwear this summer and beyond—sans their insecurities and fears of not finding a style, size, or cut that suits them to a tee. 

Featuring real women from different fields combined with expert opinions from fashion veterans like our very own Metro Magazine Executive Editor and celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva, this ultimate swimwear guide serves to prove to women that they are, in fact, swimsuit-ready in their own right and have nothing else to worry about besides staying happy and healthy. 

Every body is a swimsuit body!


For this article, we'll be styling three ladies with heavy chests: a breastfeeding mom, an actress with a busy schedule, and a PR girl on-the-go. To read our expert guide on which styles suit your body type best, scroll ahead!




Shen Cala-Or

Writer and Breast-Feeding Mom, 35 years old

Instagram: @shensaddiction


Tell us something about yourself.

"I’m a mother of two girls. I write about beauty, motherhood and lifestyle on my blog ( I also write for different businesses and publications. Right now, I've fallen in love with drawing and watercoloring on my bullet journal. I practice calligraphy when I can—these calming activities balance out my life."


What kind of lifestyle do you live?

"I’m happy to live a life that allows me to care for my two babies and still do what I do—write and meet up with friends."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"There are a lot of parts of my body I’m not particularly fond of: dark underarms, stretch marks on my bum, and belly—all because of pregnancy. Normally, these don't bother me, but wearing swimsuits highlights them. I also think my breasts are too huge for my height, making it tough for me to find a well-fitting swimsuit that accommodates my body type."


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"Breast support is important, especially for my breastsize. I want something that compliments my body, and one that covers my belly and bum stretchmarks."


Editor's Style Tip:

Shen is a busy mom. This summer, as she hits the beach with her daughters, we want to help her to feel sexy and empowered!

We picked out a chic one-piece swimsuit with a peek-a-boo opening—it's conservative but flirty at the same time. The full cup of the suit offers enough support and coverage for her breasts, all while exuding a sexy flair. The stylish front-tie style of the suit also gives easy access for breast-feeding moms—a win-win!

Shen is wearing a swimsuit from Float Swimwear (@float_swim)


What do you think of this look?

"I love it! Highwaist pieces usually make me look a lot smaller 'cause of my short torso, but this piece is just perfect! It’s a swimsuit that I really feel confident in."


How doed finding the right swimsuit help you love your body more?

"I love my body whether or not I fit in a swimsuit. There are areas my body can "improve on"—but at the end of the day, this is the body that gave me my two beautiful children. Sadly, a lot of moms haven't realized this yet. I love the consideration of designers to create swimsuits for our kind of body. We’re not ruled to fit a mold."



Kate Alejandrino

Actress, 24 years old

Instagram: @katealejandrino


Tell us something about yourself 

"I'm a TV and film actress—I've been doing this for about 4 years already! I like hanging out with family, reading up on current affairs, and playing with my dogs."


What kind of lifestyle do you live?

"I usually shoot three to four times a week, so I spend a lot of my time on-set. On my off days, I like to walk my dogs Suki and Peanut, to go out with family and friends, and to drink beer. Haha! I hardly ever workout now cause I’m too lazy or tired to."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"Since my weight gain, my "problem areas” have been my back and tummy area. I used to love wearing string bikinis, but now I get so conscious of the fat hanging off, and I try to keep my tummy sucked in."


What is one thing you look for in a swimsuit?

"I love to tan, so the tinier the bikini the better. I also love to wear one piece swimsuits that cover my tummy, but hug my curves."


Editor's Style Tip

With large breasts, a tiny waist, and wide hips, Kate has an hourglass body. While most styles look good on this type of body, we wanted to dress her up in a swimsuit that gives her chest some support.

We styled her in a coral ensemble that hugs her feminine curves. The thick straps of the suit offer ample support, while the deep U provides coverage without totally sacrificing sexiness.

Kate is wearing a sporty bikini from Naked Sun Swimwear (@nakedsunswimwear)



What do you think about this look?

"Honestly, it’s not a piece I would go for. I don’t think I own a pair like this! Although I loved the color and the way it gives good support for full-breasted people like me. I’d be comfortable cliff diving, swimming or playing beach volleyball in it!"


How does finding th right swimsuit help you love your body more?

"It really is a process for me. Having been skinny most of my life, I’ve grown accustomed to a certain type of bikini or swimsuit. But I realize it’s not about “hiding” what I don’t like, but learning to accentuate what I have. And this Metro.Style campaign really helped me see that. Working in an industry where we are criticized for our looks, loving the body I have and taking care of it should be top priority."


Marj Sia

Public Relations and Events, 30 years old

Instagram: @dearmarjsia


Tell us something about yourself.

"I used to be a fulltime vlogger, but nowadays I work on the back end of PR. I hold PR events for brands and I do influencer management as well. Some of my top clients are Big Guys Pizza, Banilla Co., and Vice Cosmetics."


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

"Well my personality is very extroverted, but sadly most of my friends are already on the 'tita side'. So on weeknights, instead of the usual clubbing and partying, I find myself hanging out at home making home-cooked meals.But on weekdays, I hold events, so that's when I socialize with bloggers and people in the industry. My days are very unpredictable—sometimes, I get called to Makati, BGC or Ortigas bigla. I really don’t have a routine."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"It's hard to find a swimsuit that could push or keep my boobs up. Without the right padding, my breasts will just be all over the place. That doesn't look flattering!"


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"The design. Since I take photos of what I wear, I try not to repeat them. Even if a piece doesn’t feel sturdy, it’s all right—as long as it looks nice and slimming on me. Next would be comfort and bust support.”


Editor's Style Tip:

We styled Marj in a sexy-but-classy nautical suit. The horizontal stripes on the bottom part create the illusion of wider hips, balancing her wide torso. On the other hand, the vertical stripes on top help elongate her body.

Marj is wearing a nautical, deep-V swimsuit from Agua Brazilian Swimwear (@aguabrazilianswimwear)



What did you think of your look?

“It’s actually something that I’ve never done. Honestly, it's not me because it’s nautical, and I usually wear solid colors to hide my belly. At least it’s a new experience for me because the entire look is a new side for me!”


How does finding the right swimsuit love your body more?

"Finding the perfect swimsuit makes you feel more confident and sexy!"


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Produced by Hershey Neri (@heyhershey)

Photography by Ria Regino (@riaregino)

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz (@theonlychookiecruz)

Styled by John Karunungan (@johnkaranungan) and Hillary Lee (@hi_hieellz) of Styleditgroup (@styleditgroup)

Makeup by Kristel Yap (@kristelyap_makeup) on Kate Alejandrino and Marj Sia, and Acie Forés Romero-Salas (@aciefores) on Shen Cala-Or for Inglot Cosmetics Philippines (@inglotph)

Hair by Jayr Tuliao and Joshua Estrope of Bianca Festejo Salon, and Sam Corbillon and Jennifer Pascual of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Editorial Assistant: Cara Tirona

Special thanks to Pria’s Kitchen (@priaskitchen)