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The 2020 Met Gala Is Officially Cancelled

Find out the latest on fashion's biggest annual fundraiser here.

UPDATE: Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, country’s all over the world have already ordered a temporary ban on gatherings including 500 people and above. This is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus and to protect unaffected citizens. As of today March 17, 2020, New York has 463 coronavirus cases and 7 deaths.

In line with this, several establishments around New York has closed including the Met Gala’s venue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Last Thursday, the management announced that the museum will be closed until further notice after finding out that two of their employees showed symptoms of the virus.

The museum has postponed or cancelled events that are scheduled up until May 15 including the Met Gala.

Celebrated every first Monday of May, the biggest fashion fundraiser is now postponed. Metro is on standby whether or not the said event will be postponed to a later date or completely cancelled this year. Fashionistas do not fret, it is not the end of the world yet but rather a shift of momentum. 2020 is so far looking dreadful but we are still on the lookout for the brighter side of things.

We can't help but wonder how will the Met gala guests react to this? Stay tuned for more updates.

We Know Next Year’s Theme To The Biggest MET Gala To Date!


We Know Next Year’s Theme To The Biggest MET Gala To Date!