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The Biggest Names In Fashion Weigh In On The State Of Their Cities During COVID-19

Find out how your favorite fashion icons respond to a worldwide call to action.

Everyone is called to act upon desperate times like this whether you’re in a high risk area or not. Aside from abiding social distancing memos and respecting the temporary lockdown, we actually can do more and take our responsibilities to the next level. From striking online to spreading fundraising campaigns through photos and links, we can be bearers of good news in our own way. 

The fashion industry takes part in a unified cause to flatten the curve, a term used in social media to initiate the compliance of social distancing to avoid the rise of COVID-19 cases worldwide. In reality, social media has become a huge platform to provide voices to those in need.

Italy remains unstable, the country currently has 31,506 coronavirus cases and 2,503 deaths. With this, Italian fashion entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni launches her own fundraising campaign in her Instagram. The fundraiser currently has €4 million donations and is set to help the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be able to triple the number of equipment in the intensive care unit of the hospital, from beds, fans, non-invasive ventilation devices, monitors, and the like.

To join the same cause, Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra Versace personally donated 200,000 euros to the same hospital in Milan. Together they also posted a short statement containing their support and thanks to the doctors and medical staff of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. 

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On the other side of the world, Prabal Gurung releases a statement in Vogue regarding how the sign of the times affect the fashion industry as a whole. In a bigger perspective, he also discusses the importance of unity, hope, and innovation, three vital acts of humanity that we must practice in these troubling times. Tackling the issue like this is another great help towards the society. Kudos to Gurung for raising his voice to represent the victims of the virus and the hate speech caused by Trump dubbing the pandemic as the “Chinese Virus.” His goal to make everyone feel seen and heard is touching so many lives and it has helped everyone to hold on amidst the paranoia. 

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Tackling an issue of this magnitude requires unity. We have to reach across departmental and industry lines to pull in help from a global braintrust of brilliant creatives and business leaders. I’ve been doing live chats on Instagram with @kellyrowland, @bagsnob, and @therealphilliplim. We discuss the things that are really troubling us, whether it be about our businesses, or things that are more personal, emotional, or spiritual. I find myself particularly consumed by the human issues surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. During crisis and stressful times, we get to see human behavior in its truest form: greed, compassion, altruism, empathy, fear, strength, and xenophobia. All the positive and negative sides come out, and they are two sides of the same coin. I am so distraught over the hateful acts of racism and xenophobia I have seen towards Asians during this time. From people feeding into racist tropes on Instagram, to the leader of this country, President Trump, dubbing this “the Chinese virus” — I am disheartened to see these instances of fear and ignorance winning over compassion. Everyone must remember that this virus knows no race, gender, or sexual orientation. Ultimately, we are stronger together, or as I like to say “stronger in color.” It is my belief that the only absolute truth in this life is the impermanence of it. We all have to leave this world at some point. So what will we do to make an impact in this life, and what will we leave behind? This is a pivotal moment for introspection. I urge the industry, and everyone, to think about what they want their legacy to be, and how can we help each other get there. @voguemagazine @nicolephelps

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In so many ways, coronavirus was the final straw that finally made me sit back and really think about our current definition of success, and what we were willing to sacrifice to get there. I always say this: In New York, as independent designers, we are the soul of the industry. We are in a unique position to change the tides. Whether it is about race, size, or age; the conversation starts here. We can also start the conversation about levels of support in the industry. How can we continue to foster young designers, but also support the designers in the middle, who’ve paid their dues for 10 or 12 or 15 years? Right now, what we need in fashion are leaders who are unafraid to have these conversations, and to really break the patterns that have in so many ways gotten us to this unhealthy place. America stands for change, America stands for guts. We have the power to set the tone of how we function going forward. Internally I started talking to my team about the need for invention. I have so many talented people with incredible ideas around me. So we opened lines of communication on a company-wide brainstorm about how we can improve across all departments. I think it is important to validate their fears, validate their anxiety, remind them that they are not are alone, and that they should feel comfortable sharing. My main goal right now is to make everyone feel seen and heard. After all, we share everything, and we work so hard spending so many hours together — my team is like my family. @voguemagazine @nicolephelps

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In several Instagram posts, Lady Gaga reminds everyone to take part of a global kind singular community. She encourages her followers to make the most out of the temporary lockdown and take part of the cause through supporting only the right kind of information. Gaga also adds that in times where we are powerless and out of control, we must fill the void with kindness and pray for those who are deeply affected by the pandemic.