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The Color Of Hope: Other Than Black, Here Is the Second Color of “Time’s Up” You May Have Missed

To go with their black dresses in the BAFTA red carpet, celebrities opting to promote the “Time’s Up” movement are accessorizing with the color emerald. It’s a more subtle statement piece, mostly manifesting in necklaces, earrings and rings. But once you see it, you can’t ignore the dominance of emerald accessories in both the Golden Globes and the BAFTA awards, as the Time’s Up campaign continues to protest sexual harassment in the workplace. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who, as a royal, is forbidden to make political statements (hence, why she did not wear black in the BAFTA red carpet), couldn’t resist wearing a hint of activism in her own right, sporting an all green dress with emerald jewelry.


Emeralds have been popularly used as a symbol of fertility, healing and peace; its rarity and association to sexuality has also made it a favorite to queen Cleopatra of Egypt, and even associated to the goddess Venus. During the Suffragette movement in 1908, the color green was part of the movement’s color scheme (along with purple and white) to symbolize hope. Thus, color green, or emerald’s affinity to the feminist movement.


Check out how these stars at the BAFTA showcased their emerald pieces: 


Jennifer Lawrence 


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One of the most photographed stars in the red carpet, Jennifer is seen wearing these vintage-looking. emerald dangling earrings. 


Gemma Arterton

British actress, Gemma Arterton wearing Ara Vartanian, emerald pieces. 


Anya Taylor Joy 


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Although her gorgeus Dolce & Gabbana dress stole the show, Anya's emerald cross is a nice, subtle touch. 


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, while prohibited by royal protocol to wear black, dons the same emerald earrings she wore in 2014. 


Octavia Spencer


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Actress Octavia Spencer wearing Chopard Precious collection, featuring emeral earrings and ring. 


Saoirse Ronan 


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Saoirse's emerald drop earrings seem to bring out the green in her eyes, too!