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The Coolest Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Man

The gents may be under a great deal of pressure right now, thinking endlessly about what to give the women in their lives. Valentine's Day is ten days away after all! While men can always go the classic route of chocolates, flowers, and a classy dinner date, the ladies have to get a bit more creative about their gift ideas for the men in their lives, as men tend to get picky, and are very particular about what they like and don't like. 

Fret not ladies, as we have come up with our own little guide to the coolest gifts you can nab for your hubby or your boyfriend for Valentine's Day—because who says men don't like to be swept off their feet too?


1. Fitbit Ionic Watch

Perfect for the fit man on-the-go, the latest watch from Fitbit promises to give personalized insights and guidance for your daily fitness and productivity goals. Your favorite songs and apps are also just a tap away in this smart watch, has a built-in GPS tracking system, stores your favorite music, tracks heart rate, and has efficient multi-day battery. Buy it here!


2. Bev Tools Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

For the gentleman who likes to craft his own cocktails at home, this kit is such a nice touch to anyone who loves entertaining. The kit includes the alcohol and the tools needed to concoct the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail, so your man can enjoy a drink or two with his friends, or with you. Buy it here!


3. Gucci Rhyton Leather Sneakers

Clean white sneakers are overrated. The 2018 thing to do is to buy new sneakers that are pre-dirtied, such as these fashion-forward Gucci leather sneaks that are a shoo-in for the stylish man in your life. It's a great touch for an outfit that's on-point, so it doesn't seem too put together. A little disheveled detail and he's good to go! Buy them here!


4. Kiehl's Men's Starter Kit

Your man is concerned about his grooming too, so what better way to encourage him to continue with a daily routine than with the most perfect little men's starter kit from one of the best skincare brands around, Kiehl's! This kit doubles as a travel kit too, so he doesn't have to borrow stuff from you! Available at Power Plant Mall.


5. One Year Netflix Subscription

Now this is one gift your man will fall head over heels for: A one-year Netflix subscription! Apart from the fact that he'll be able to indulge in his favorite shows and movies, it also means you guys will be spending a lot of chill time together while you're at it! Just add popcorn and some wine and it already sounds like the perfect Friday night date! Purchase it here!


6. Marshall Kilburn Portable Speaker

Music loving boyfriends and husbands would appreciate a thoughtful gift such as this statement speaker from Marshall. It is regarded as one of the most powerful speaker brands around, and while the sound quality is A++, its vintage-inspired design is also a charming touch! Buy it here, or check out Beyond The Box.


7. Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

Save your hubby or boyfriend from having to walk to the cafe every single day by gifting him with this super cool portable espresso maker—the ultimate choice for coffee lovers who also lead very busy lives! This is something he can use at work, or take out of town, whenever he feels like it! We actually want one for ourselves too! Available at Crate & Barrel.


8. Google Pixel 2

If your guy is on the lookout for a new phone, why not try the much-talked-about Google Pixel 2? Apart from the fact that its camera is amazeballs (it has great low-light quality and does smooth videos), you also have unlimited photo storage that comes along with your purchase. That's enough reason to go for it, if you ask us! Buy it here!


9. Tempur Original Pillow

Take extra care of your guy and give him the gift of quality sleep with Tempur's Original Pillow, meant to support his neck, back, and shoulders during slumber. For guys that lead a pretty hectic life, this one's a keeper, and a surely one he'll be using for a long time! Available at Rustan's.


10. Monocle Starter Pack

Introduce your man to Monocle, the global guy's bible for all things now, all things cool, and all things worthy of his attention. The iconic magazine brand has been selling merchandise for quite a while now, but if your man is new to this stuff, a starter pack would be a good idea. It contains a selection of products from The Monocle Shop and an exclusive subscription offer, as well as a notebook, pen, and a zip case. A must for the modern-day gentleman! Buy it here.


Lead photo via Pexels