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The DAVILA: How Karen Davila Inspired A Dress In House Of Laurel

Last weekend, it was revealed through Karen Davila’s Instagram stories that her custom Rajo Laurel trench coat dress will officially be available for orders at Karen wore the dress for a wedding ceremony earlier this month, and had shared her outfit photo on her Instagram account.



The dress, which featured a floor-length skirt, with a coat-like upper body and bow sash on the waist, was very well received by her followers. Rajo has since received many inquiries about the availability and price of the dress, which prompted him to officially make it part of his Spring & Summer 2018 collection. The dress is also officially dubbed as “DAVILA”, named after the stylish, award-winning broadcast journalist.


The DAVILA dress by House Of Laurel 


“OMG! I am so kilig!!” writes Karen on her Instagram stories, remarking how popular demand has put the dress up for online orders.


“Karen needed a "ninang" gown that didn’t look like a "ninang" gown. So I made that for her.” explains Rajo, who had pulled this classic concept from his design archives. Trench coat dresses have always been part of Rajo’s design DNA philosophy, he remarks, dating back to his brand’s 15-year history. But the DAVILA dress has Karen’s special tweaks. “We changed things a bit by making the sleeves more voluminous; and making the sash wider so that we can tie this into a bow, to make it more feminine.”


House of Laurel Orange Trench Coat Dress 


Karen's custom gown by Rajo Laurel shows a different, more refined finish to the trench coat dress. 


Karen Davila, who is part of the Top 50 Metro Most Stylish list this year, occasionally sneaks in outfit shots in her Instagram, showing-off her chic workwear; her polished, yet non-typical style frequently features local brands. Between her and Rajo, there exists a mutual admiration, and an interesting friendship.


“Karen is a dear friend, and we’re close—especially on our social media pages!”, says Rajo. “I love her style as it is strong, clean and confident. I love making clothes for her, because she makes my work shine!”


The DAVILA dress is set to be part of the House of Laurel Spring-Summer 2018 collection, starting March 12, 2018.


Photos are courtesy of Rajo Laurel.





Lead photo from @iamkarendavila