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The Future Of The American Dream: Coach Launches ‘Dream It Real’ Program To Uplift The Next Generation

While Coach is no doubt a big player in the fashion and luxury sector, the company is also serious in its philanthropic efforts. This season, the luxury label focuses its efforts on the youth by launching their “Dream It Real” initiative, inspired by the unique spirit of optimism, possibility and inclusivity—much like the pulse of New York, where the brand set it roots.

“Today, we are proud to stand behind a mission to inspire and equip young people to take steps toward finding their passion and purpose,” said Joshua Schulman, CEO and President of Coach. “Together, our employees and our associates are a community united by our shared desire to achieve our dreams – and to help others achieve theirs.”


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“Dream It Real” is also made possible through a partnership with The Future Project a non-profit organization dedicated to help children learn their full potential and work towards a better tomorrow. What makes The Future Project exceptional and exciting is its research-based methodology and ‘Dream Directors’ strategy, in which trained youth leaders visit schools to work with students on passion-based Future Projects.

“Young people have shown us that they are capable of extraordinary things,” said Margaret Coady, Executive Director of the Coach Foundation. “We are excited to support and raise awareness of The Future Project’s work at a moment when so many young people are ready to take action on their vision of a better tomorrow, for themselves and for the world.”

Selena Gomez As A Dream Director

Likewise, CEO and Co-Founder of The Future Project, Kanya Balakrishna says, “Virtually every movement in history has been led by young people – and, today, we need their leadership more than ever. We are proud to partner with Coach, a brand that is willing to stand behind the unlimited potential of a generation.”

With the help of the Coach Foundation, The Future Project is able to enlist honorary Dream Directors like Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan, both of whom embody the ideals of the “Dream It Real” program, and thus will take part in being youth leaders in schools this year. Additionally, the Coach Foundation has donated a total of $1.4 million in support of The Future Project’s endeavors this year.

Michael B. Jordan As A Dream Director


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Coach is located at the G/F of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati