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The Look Of Ease: Skirts And Sneakers Are Your New Must-Try Fashion Combo


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With street style and athleisure becoming more engrained in mainstream fashion, the outfit pairings are becoming more and more—dare we say it—comfortable, and that’s a good thing. Women don’t have to match their dresses and skirts with heels, or stiff flats, anymore to be considered fashionable. Yet for some, the combination is still a bit awkward, an out-of-sync partnership between ultra-feminine and laid-back-casual. But then again, that’s the point.


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If you need a little more inspiration on how to play around your dresses and skirts with sneakers, check out how these stylish lot are relishing the trend. Who knows, you might even find yourself rushing to get a comfy pair.


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Jasmine Curtis-Smith


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In her recent Metro Society cover, Jasmine sports the latest trends of luxury fashion with this all-Gucci ensemble, pairing a neutral monogram Gucci skirt with their latest high-top sneaker. Those shoes are definitely a statement, and looks durable enough for long walks, too.  


Kim Jones


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Would you dare the so-called ‘dad sneakers’? The bigger the better! Kim isn’t afraid to own and experiment with the latest fashion looks. With her sundress and Louis Vuitton sneakers, she’s definitely rocking this look.


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Heart Evangelista


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Even the self-proclaimed heels addict, Heart, can’t resist to try the sneaker trend. Quick tip: when in doubt, denim skirts or dresses are the easiest to pair with street style shoes.


Dr. Aivee Teo


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“It’s so important to be comfortable at work when you’re on your feet for 8-hours or more.”, says Dr. Aivee, and we couldn’t agree more! Color matching your shoes to your outfit is another easy way to pull-off this look seamlessly. Dark colors and neutrals will be you best bet!



Lead photos from @farfetch, @lafredtouch