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The Opulence Of Tim Tam Ong’s “In Between Seconds” Collection Will Have You Staring

Travel has always been a part of local jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong; it feeds her innate sense of wonder, allowing for a real immersion in beauty and experience. That chance to see a new, exotic beauty is felt in her creations; much like how journeys open her eyes, so do admirers and buyers of work feel their senses wander at the sight of her jewels.


Tim Tam Ong wearing her designs


This new collection “In Between Seconds” is no exception, but it also takes it up a notch. Bold statement earrings, necklaces and rings show a hint of smiling deities, mysterious symbols and a whole lot of color. Jewel tones is an understatement; these decadent trinkets are the richest shades of red, jade green, sweet coral and sapphire. This decadence, however, isn’t just for vanity’s sake; this is a reminder.

“Sometimes, we get too excited about things like grand celebrations and other milestones, which are definitely important as well. We must remember, though, to value each moment that passes by. The are the things that ultimately make our life what it is.”, explains Tim Tam, emphasizing that, like the fine details in jewelry, those precious little moments are quick, subtle and worth savoring.

“In Between Seconds” is here to make you ponder, reflect and study each piece, training you to enjoy the moments. A simple as moment as a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the house, or saying a “I love you” before going to work, or a meal made from the heart, these are the little things that we miss everyday.

“We tend to get absorbed in our schedules and in our routines that we just let moments pass us by.”, she cautions. “Don’t! These moments will only pass you life once.”