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All The New Things You Can Expect From The Travel Club+

Whether you’re a fur parent, adventure junkie, a chic city travel, or more, our beloved The Travel Club (now, Plus!) has expanded to cater to every type of traveler

The Travel Club has been everyone’s one-stop shop for the savvy traveler. What if we tell you that our favorite travel retail hub is now even bigger, with more brands and product categories to cater to our every need? Yes, here comes The Travel Club+, the newest flagship store in Shangrila-Plaza Mall that has been expanded to make preparing for your travels much easier and much better. The plus? Even the apparel section is now offering selections from summer pieces to outdoor adventures, and more!


Apart from the usual luggage and travel accessories we’ve grown to love about The Travel Club, the flagship store also carries new categories. This includes parents traveling with infants or toddlers with wide array of organizers and compartmentalized suitcases. Fur parents can also find solace in The Travel Club+ where you can find trolley cages and fur baby accessories for when you’re traveling or even when just at home.

The space was also made more relaxing, enveloped by neutral wooden tones and a little cafe for when you take a little break from shopping. Here are other new things to expect from the all-new The Travel Club+:


An Improved Logo

The Travel Club proudly keptits iconic logo, enhanced with a plus symbol resembling an airplane circling the globe. However, this addition signifies more than mere symbolism—it embodies the store's commitment to offering innovative products suited to contemporary travel trends, facilitating personalized travel experiences, and nurturing a vibrant community of travelers, thereby infusing every journey with deeper significance.


An Redesigned Space and Experience 

Stepping into The Travel Club+, visitors are greeted with a serene ambiance reminiscent of a garden, providing a sanctuary for modern travelers amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. The store's sleek and artistic design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with minimalist elegance, creating an atmosphere that transports shoppers to tranquil destinations. Furthermore, The Travel Club+ presents an ever-expanding array of premium travel essentials from renowned brands, alongside specially curated products tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of today's travelers, ensuring that every journey is enriched with purpose and enjoyment.


A Custom Corner 

The Travel Club+ goes the extra mile by offering personalized customization services through its Custom Corner, where travelers can add a unique touch to their luggage and accessories. This area serves as a valuable resource for creating thoughtful and personalized gifts, fostering meaningful connections with customers and their loved ones. 


A Space to Plan Your Next Travel

Visitors can indulge in diverse coffee blends from Everyday Coffee Roasters within a snug café and lounge space, where they're encouraged to delve into travel literature, explore different cultures, and strategize upcoming adventures. This inviting environment also fosters connections among travelers, providing opportunities to exchange stories, gather insights, and contribute to a burgeoning community of like-minded individuals.

See more of the new space in the gallery below!

The Travel Club+ is now open at 2/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall

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