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These Mom Bloggers Share Their Tips On How To Style—And Take!—Your Kids' OOTDs

There are a lot of unique, fun ways for moms and their children to bond, whether it’s cooking, sports, reading, or even arts and crafts. For moms who love fashion, dressing up their kids is the answer.

But of course, playing dress up is not always a walk in the park (let’s face it: just getting kids to stay clean is already a challenge in itself). Bloggers and real-life moms Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Shari Poquiz—featured in our special Mother’s Day series—can definitely relate. But moms always have their own special way of getting things done, don’t you agree?

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Bianca and Shari share their hacks on how they style and take their kids’ OOTDs. Keep scrolling for your dose of fashion fix!

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1. Avoid cramming by pre-styling their clothes

“I like to pre-style my kids’ clothes the night before [the event],” shares fashion stylist and former Chalk Magazine fashion editor, Bianca Reinoso. “Don’t laugh, but it’s really the editor in me!” The proud mom shares that she lays her kids’ clothes on their beds to mix and match the pieces. This way, she avoids rushing their outfits in the morning.


2. For added fun, make them part of the styling process!

For children, dressing up can feel like a chore, along with eating and taking a bath. That’s why Bianca suggests to make it a fun activity for them. "Make them choose the pieces. What I do is I put out three clothes, and I ask what they like. With this, they feel like they have the last say.” To make fashion more interesting to children, the stylist suggests to create outfits that dominate in their favorite color. “In my case, my daughter loves pink!”



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3. To capture picture-perfect moments, make them lead the way

For that Instagram-worthy shot, entrepreneur and social media influencer Shari shares that she puts her kids in charge. “I let them lead the way! Because if I set up something and make it seem like we were going to do a shoot, it will seem like a chore and that will stress them out. Instead, I give them an activity that they will be doing. For example, I give them crayons and paper and I tell them to do anything they want with them. And that’s when I start taking photos!” To make them feel even more independent, Shari adds, “sometimes, I even give my daughter the remote so she can have fun taking her photos with the camera. Whenever she clicks on the remote, she feels like she is in charge. She has fun!”






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