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These Running Shoes Will Take You On A Grand Fitness Tour

Saucony Liteform Series


Saucony is known for making a performance runner’s shoe. They’ve crushed it in technical design, but their style has always been in the niche sporty category. But now, the Liteform Series changes that entirely.

Fusing that top-of-the line performance with a style that’s firmly athleisure, the new Saucony Liteform Series is just as well suited for marathon shopping as it is running an actual marathon. Unlike traditional athletic wear’s standard of blazing colors, the Liteform series come in colors that are muted, enough to play well with your wardrobe. These shoes aren’t just modern and fresh, they’re straight up versatile, with a futuristic aesthetic.


Saucony Stretch & Go


More importantly, all this style comes without compromise for the Liteform Series. Gone are the chunky shocks, replaced instead by ultralight memory foam Form2U soles that molds to your foot, giving you that custom feel. Combine that with Stretch & Go tech that conforms the shoe to your anatomy.

With all that sweet new performance shoe tech in mind, Saucony has paired up with 360 Fitness circuit training gyms to create the Saucony Fitness Tour. Offering six events over the month of June, these events are designed to show off what the Liteform series can do. Whether its HIIT training, agility ladder drills, high-knees marches, push-ups and more, you can be assured these shoes can handle the strain, especially with the EVA foam outsoles keeping enough grip that the wearer feels secure.


Saucony Fitness Tour


High intensity interval training isn’t the only thing offered on the Saucony Fitness Tour. Bootcamp, circuit, kettlebell, and body weight focused classes are all also available. Each event also offers a chance to win your own pair of the Saucony Liteforms. Details and registration can be found at

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Photos are courtesy of Saucony.