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This Is Heart Evangelista's No-Fail Trick To Traveling In Stilettos All Day

Aside from meeting new people, immersing yourself in different cultures, and expanding your palate to discover local cuisines, one of the best things about traveling in the Age of Instagram is the opportunity to have your #OOTD taken at a breathtaking spot, straight out of a postcard.

Our tip to traveling in style? Wear only outfits that make you feel extra beautiful! While some women prefer comfort and don chic mules or stylish sneakers—gorgeous, sky-high stilettos are still the weapons of choice for some risk-takers. After all, it always boils down to personal style and choice!

"It's just a matter of deciding if you want to feel and look good today. I mean you can do the same with flats—I recently tried to wear flats during my last trip—but I just always feel so empowered when I wear my heels," shares Metro Society April 2018 cover girl, Heart Evangelista.  


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The trick to flawlessly walking the streets in stilettos all day? The #MetroMostStylish woman finally shares her secret! Keep scrolling to find out.




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1. Stock up on silicone band-aids

"Everytime I travel, I try to go to different drug stores to look for band-aids," shares Heart, who adds that she usually gets the clear-looking ones made of silicone. "I wrap them around my toes before I wear my shoes." In some cases, since every shoe fits differently, Heart also uses cotton to cover certain areas she knows would most likely hurt. Say no to blisters, ladies!


2. Dab on some Emla

For emergency cases, the celebrity brings out her best friend: a tube of Emla, or topical anesthesia. "In worst case scenarios where I still get blisters after the band-aid trick, and don't have extra shoes with me, I put on Emla."

Commonly known to provide a temporary numbing sensation, the cream is often used before procedures such as skin grafting, laser surgery, and waxing. As long as there are no open wounds, using the over-the-counter product as a crisis fashion hack is safe. 

BRB, we're heading over to the nearest drug store to get our hands on this!


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