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This Is the 2018 Way Of Building A Modern Work Wardrobe

We're sure you've heard that a crisp white shirt, a tailored blazer, and a classy pair of black pumps are some of the key pieces to have in an ideal work wardrobe. While this may be true for some women, time has definitely changed, and the world we live in today has allowed us to explore lots of different career options, thus allowing us to dress differently as well.

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Meet A_Plan_Application, a modern line of workwear for the woman of the future. Available now at UNIVERS, this line by Berlin-born Anna Blessmann pushes the idea of a working wardrobe that you can build on, and not replace season after season. 

Anna Blessmann in A_Plan_Application

These pieces were designed by a sculptor, "conceived in three dimensions, to fit and shift with the shape of the wearer." Materials like cotton drill, jersey, denim, and merino wool are utilized for separates and signature pieces. 

"A_Plan_Application is a uniform fit for studio work, site visits, gallery installations, formal meetings, private views and after parties. It is a wardrobe for a contemporary cultural worker, one who needs to be professional rather than respectable, creative rather than conservative, opinionated rather than conformist, sharp."


Check out these pieces now available at UNIVERS:


We love the idea of a workwear wardrobe that's efficient in whatever space one works at—whether it be an air-conditioned office, at an icy Berlin studio, or rain-soaked London pavements. Never sacrificing style, A_Plan_Application pieces are made for the powerful woman today, in or outside the board room. 

Such pieces are a reflection of designer Anna Blessmann's own wardrobe, including a structured version of a basic hoodie, in which outsized hood and broad shoulders swoop into a slim waistline; a multi-pocket jumpsuit inpsired by a window cleaner's overalls. Expect to see such pieces in gradations of blue—indigo, denim, cobalt, azure, icy-blue white. 


A_Plan_Application is available exclusively at UNIVERS, One Rockwell East, Rockwell Center, Makati.