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This Is What It’s Like Being Jasmine Curtis’ Fashion Stylist

Jasmine Curtis wears a lot of hats: award-winning actress, model, host, social media influencer, and of course, fashionista. Just like her chill, go-with-the-flow charisma, the Metro Society Luxury Issue cover girl’s style oozes with personality: effortlessly beautiful, laid-back yet chic.

After joining show business at only 17 years old, Jasmine learned to discover her style through the years. “I used to wear shorts and t-shirts all the time, even when going to work,” admitted Jasmine. “I wasn’t ma-porma then, but I guess after being around people who enjoy dressing up, I started finding it relaxing.” One of her biggest influences in fashion is stylist and entrepreneur Cath Sobrevaga.

First a member of Qurator Studio, a group of stylists founded by A-lister Pam Quiñones, Cath recently started pursuing styling on her own, all while running her accessory line, Nami. On her list of regular clients are Julia Barretto, Sarah Geronimo, and of course, Siargao star Jasmine Curtis.

The power duo first met 7 years ago, while Jasmine was still fresh in showbiz. “It was my first time, and Ate [Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff] recommended that I use her stylist,” she shares. “At that time, it was Pam Quiñones pa, and they [the Qurator team] were there. After that, I became a regular.”

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Photo: Xander Angeles 


After creating a strong bond for almost a decade, Jasmine and Cath have become inseparable. “I always ask for her opinions, even for my haircuts!” quips Jasmine. And now that she’s grown more confident with her style, Jasmine has totally owned her chic, comfortable looks. “There are days when my outfit may look comfortable, but it was actually hard to assemble it all together!” Cath adds that Jasmine’s signature look is “ma-effort but effortless”.

In an interview with Star Studio Magazine, the actress-stylist team talks about fashion, style evolution, and what it’s like working together.


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Seven years of fashion and friendship with this one. ?

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What Jasmine loves about Cath's style

“When you’re new to this industry, it’s very daunting to dress up,” says the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 Best Supporting Actress. “At the time, I didn’t know how to dress up. I had no confidence. I was so young!”
Jasmine shares that while her style was not very lady-like, Cath and her team found a way to create feminine looks that were still edgy. “It was comfortable for me, but at the same time, it was very fashionable.”


Jasmine’s style evolution

From a t-shirts and shorts kind of girl, Jasmine has learned to invest in designer pieces, adding that it was Cath who taught her to value her work and the blessings that come with it. “I learned to invest in designer shoes that I can use over and over again. They’re a classic!”



Slip dresses and sock boots.????

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How does the duo come up with outfits everyday?

Cath highlights that it’s always a collaboration. “I always get excited dressing up Jas. She’s payat, young, and you can make her wear anything. It’s exciting!” Whenever Cath shows pegs and outfit options, she always asks Jasmine what she thinks. That’s where the magic happens.

The secret to a healthy client-stylist relationship? Open communication! “She’s very easy to talk to. Trust is a big factor!” beams Jasmine.


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These are the keywords when styling Jasmine.

“Effortless, chic, and nothing too fancy!” beams Cath. “Jas is very confident. She can pull off anything!”



@jascurtissmith channeling her inner Bridget Bardot.?

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What can her fans expect from her style?

“Now that Jas is extra payat, we’re going to be extra fashionnn with bolder, sexier looks,” quips Cath. “We’re not ma-trendy. We go with what feels right and what makes her feel good." Jasmine adds that she was never the type who would go into trends. In Melbourne, where her family lives, she would only buy clothes after the season ends.


Jasmine's style icon

While Jasmine is not a trendy person, she does enjoy looking at Selena Gomez’ outfits. “She’s super hot now. I feel like I have a baby face but sometimes I can look too old for my age. Selena can look young and sexy at the same time.”


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Finally, these are Jasmine’s closet must-haves:

The actress is quick to share her golden rule: “I try not to shop for an item unless I know I can repeat it for more than five times.”

Given this, her top wardrobe essentials are denim jeans, white tops, beach-perfect shorts, sneakers, and relaxed button-downs.



Can't get enough of Jasmine's effortless, laid-back style? View this gallery for some serious fashion inspo!


Photos: @cathsobrevaga and @styledbycath


Interview by Star Studio Magazine. Lead photo by Xander Angeles