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This Is Why Designer and Blogger Camille Co Won’t Be Creating Her Own Wedding Dress

A lot of us have a habit of bookmarking our favorite designers’ Instagram pages to follow their latest works. After all, who better to follow for style inspiration than people who live and breathe fashion?

And when it comes to bridal wear, designers know best. From swoon-worthy ball gowns to minimalist Meghan Markle-approved pieces, they truly know which silhouette and design would fit the bride-to-be’s character, personality, and style.

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It’s easy to conclude that designers would opt to wear their own creation on their Big Day (e.g., Vania Romoff and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman). But in reality, some would much rather prefer to skip the work and enjoy the pre-wedding ride. Case in point: fashion blogger and Coexist designer Camille Co.




Scroll through this gallery to check out more of Camille Co's designs:


Photos: @itscamilleco


After breaking the news of her Japan engagement with long-time beau Joni Koro, the social media celebrity, designer, and entrepreneur quickly announced that she wouldn’t be designing her own wedding dress. Her reason though is truly understandable.


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“I won’t be making my own wedding gown nor my entourage’s gowns. I’ve always gone back and forth about this, but now that it’s actually happening and I’m engaged, I realized I want to feel every bit of a bride,” captioned Camille on her Instagram Stories. “I want to feel the thrill of looking for the perfect gown—of going to bridal shops with my besties and trying on all the pretty gowns.”


Photo: @itscamilleco

She also shared that she had already gone to one bridal shop a few weeks ago with fellow blogger Laureen Uy. “We were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the gowns I tried on. Can’t wait to continue the hunt!”

As they say, wedding preps with the people you love and trust is just as meaningful as the Big Day, where every bride deserves to feel beautiful. We wish Camille all the best—on the wedding, on the marriage, and of course, on finding the perfect white dress!


Lead photo via @itscamilleco