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This Is Your Guide To Choosing The Right Shades For Your Face Shape

Thankfully for us, we live in a tropical country that allows us to enjoy sunny weather almost all-year-round. This also means we have a pretty good excuse to continuously shop for items usually reserved for beach season, including a nifty pair of sunglasses!

This otherwise basic piece of accessory is a staple in most of our closets, but admit it—how many times have you fallen prey to a cute pair you end up not wearing because it doesn't actually fit your face after all? So consider this: The next time you step out to buy a pair of shades, arm yourself with the info on what works for your face shape best. Check out our quick guide to shades-shopping below:


1. Oval

  • This means your face is most likely proportioned;
  • You can most likely pull-off any shape of eyewear;
  • You're in luck because you can rock the trendiest pairs and get away with it!


Calvin Klein Sunglasses, Ideal Vision


2. Square

  • Do not make it appear wider than it already is;
  • Opt for rounded, curved eyewear pairs that complements your face shape;
  • Stay away from boxy types.


Chloe Romie Sunglasses, Ideal Vision


3. Round

  • Complement your face's roundness with a pair of Wayfarer-type or squarish frames;
  • Avoid pairs that mimic the shape of your face;
  • Defined corners are ideal!


Longchamp Sunglasses, Ideal Vision


4. Heart

  • Your face us wide on top, and narrow on the bottom;
  • Mimic its shape with Aviator-type frames


Lacoste Sunglasses, Ideal Vision


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Lead photos via Farfetch