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This Is Your Next Stop For Dressy Shoes For Your Man!

With the launch of Figlia UOMO, Filipino men will finally get the chance to appreciate why, for over decades now, Figlia has been such a trusted name and favorite of the Filipino woman and their children. For these women, Figlia has always meant footwear that’s diverse, versatile, and stylish, and constantly keeping up with global shoes styles and trends. And with actor Piolo Pascual as brand ambassador, Figlia UOMO hopes to now capture that same kind of loyalty and appreciation from the men.



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There are basically three stylish Figlia UOMO collections to choose from; and they all have very distinct design DNA’s:

The Casual line - loafers, sneakers, espadrilles and trainers; these celebrate colours and versatility.



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The Semi-Formal Collection - here you’ll find the trendy and fashion forward; and they’re best paired with casual suits, blazers, or with nice dress shirts and jeans.



The Formal catalogue - these are your oxfords and brogues, and derbies. From steel black to mauve, taupe, and brick red, they can match with most colours of suits and tuxedos. 



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Evident is how Figlia has anticipated most of the footwear needs of today’s Filipino. From street smart fashion, to business lunches and meetings, to formal events, to casual, laid back weekends, or for when travelling abroad, there is a pair of Figlia UOMO perfect for the occasion. And given Piolo’s strong fashion sense and personalised style, he was the perfect choice to represent Figlia UOMO.