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Here's How And Where To Thrift Shop Online Now!

Consider your vintage fashion obsession satisfied after reading this article.

For fashion girls who are dedicated to support circular fashion and its stylish and sustainable, money-saving ways, this online thrift guide is for you! The virus might have put a halt to our glorious thrift store shopping trips but we're taking the internet by storm with the same practical skills and eye for one of a kind vintage pieces. From the coolest '90s to early 2000s character tees, reworked ternos, classic or groovy jewelries, down to the most coveted vintage designer bags, we made it easier for you to indulge your vintage fashion obsession with 5 online thrift shops that will satisfy your sartorial needs. 

We are also giving you tips and tricks on how to properly and safely cop the items you're eyeing on. And yes, it doesn't get any better than this! Read through our short guide before shopping at the online thrift stores we tagged for you down below.

Art by Carla Buyo; Lead photos from @itsvintagevintage, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada

1. Look for the piece you're trying to cop online by searching for its keywords such as the brand, color, and year it was released. PRO TIP: Look for the item's exact name so it will be easier for you to navigate your way around online thrift stores. It's easier to get search results under Boy Chanel Handbag in White Patent Calfskin and Gold-Tone Metal rather than a search query that says White Chanel Handbag.

2. It's important to source the item on several online thrift stores rather than settling on the first thing you laid your eyes on! Cross-check the prices, item condition, and origin of the item. 

3. Be polite. Online thrift stores have several purchasing terms, some sell by auction/by bid, fixed prices, and in some cases, you can even put your bargaining skills to use on shops that accept reasonable price offers.

4. Opt for cashless payments and door-to-door delivery. If meet-ups are necessary for your purchase, proceed with caution in proper protective-wear. Wear a face mask, a face shield, and a pair of gloves!

5. Once the item arrives at your doorstep, always remember to disinfect it first! There are several but different ways to disinfect vintage items. You wouldn't want to damage a nearly 5-year-old leather purse with sanitizer or immediately oxidize your vintage earrings with harsh cleansers. Read through our complete disinfecting guide here.

May these tips and tricks help you cop the item you've been eyeing on, enjoy thrift shopping online!

Souvenir Vintage

If you’re a fan of vintage rings, you will absolutely love Souvenir Vintage’s awe-inspiring collection of handpicked jewelry from around the world. The best thing about vintage shopping for jewelry is that each piece is one of a kind! From simple gold and white gold rings, gems, and other statement designs, best believe you’ll find your next favorite piece here!

The Library

Level up your thrift shopping skills and find actual gems in The Library. Have a look at their array of vintage Swarovski, gold, and rare enamel necklaces and earrings. The overall thrifting experience in this online vintage store is quite the experience. From the visuals down to the packaging, we highly recommend that you take your trip to The Library as soon as you can! While you’re at it, make sure to check out their impressive denim study.

Fifi's Vintage

Fifi’s Vintage sells the most interesting reworked and repaired pieces online! Hand sewn and designed by a young fashion designer based in Makati, this Instagram shop has the brightest ginghams, cutest cottagecore cropped tops, and two-piece sets made from dad-sized shirts. 

It's Vintage

It’s Vintage breathes new life to the most Y2K-looking band tees, character tees, and souvenir jackets from all over the world. See the likes of our Metro Most Stylish girls Janine Gutierrez and Bea Marin sporting tees from this one-stop shop of all things rock and roll, maybe a bit of Britney Spears pop too!

Freya Collective

In case you missed out on our article about secondhand luxury bag shopping, we’re doing you a huge favor as we reintroduce Freya Collective to you! Indulge your luxury bag obsession with this shop’s internet-breaking collection of Fendi purses, Prada re-editions, Louis Vuitton monograms, and rare vintage Chanels. Did we mention that every purchase helps Freya Collective support young Filipinas to go to college too?

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