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Top 4 Filipino Brands To Weave Into Your Wardrobe

Globalism. It’s a hot topic in everything from politics and economics to fashion and culture. And while the waves of opinion continue to ebb and flow on whether or not it is better to keep within our country’s coordinates, or to freely exchange ideas, products, and living experiences in a borderless world, there lives a sector of creatives that, either way, thrive on local pride.


Our culture has not yet crossed into the realms of commercial appropriation; we are still safe from seeing our native weaves and patterns incorporated into mass consumer retail brands. With the smaller businesses I highlight today, the stories of the origins of our weaves, are protected, and continue to be passed down.


Their designs make the legacy of the Filipino weave the undisputed focus. They are entrepreneurs that concern themselves with the protection of our traditional craft, and sustaining livelihood for our nation’s communities. I list some of my favorites today.




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Founder: Len Cabili


Mission: To create while also reviving — even preserving ancient traditions of the Philippines that are in danger of becoming lost. Filip+Inna works with many groups of talented artisans across the Archipelago, giving them an opportunity to improve their livelihoods.



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Best For: The free-spirited but discerning classic dresser, with a taste for high quality, one of a kind pieces.


Available At: Aerin, in the Hamptons. Bhoomki, NYC. Atelier 360 and Mama Jane’s Global Boutique, both in Connecticut. CJ Laing in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Sugar Mill, Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Clients in the Philippines may schedule showroom visits via +63 908 818 0181. Online at AERIN, Le Sirenuse, and Shop Latitude.



 Pio Pio


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Founder: Paloma Urquijo Zobel


Mission: Using clothing as part of a larger movement to promote and return traditional Filipino arts to its throne. Blending modern design with time-honored techniques with items that feature the work of traditional Filipino weavers and artisans from around the country, updated as everyday wear. Upcycled denim, vibrant embroidery, and funky patterns are testament to how the brand takes their heritage seriously, all without taking themselves too seriously.



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Best For: The youthful wanderer with a penchant for pieces that sit comfortably between trend and timelessness. Those who want to flaunt the storied traditions of Filipino pride but maintain a vibe that is current and universally fly.


Available At: Best bet seems to be following the brand on Facebook and Instagram and crossing your fingers for a pop-up near you.






Founder: Anya Lim


Mission: A social and cultural enterprise in the Philippines working to preserve local weaves through contemporary and zero waste design to sustain livelihood.



Best For: The individual looking to wear their tribe with pride, that loves making powerful statements with graceful restraint (think basic tee with a hard-to-miss skirt in bold Filipino weave). The customer who wants to be able to accurately answer “who made your dress?” down to the tribe, and name of the weaver.


Available At: Pedro Calomarde Street Corner Acacia Street, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City // +63 32 505 4175 or follow them on Facebook as they are quite active in hosting pop ups in Manila and other major cities worldwide.



Herman & Co.


Founder: Bea Constantino


Mission: Herman & Co. envisions a global venue to highlight the unique and authentic weaves of the indigenous people of Sulu by integrating their fabrics into everyday wear.



Best For: The girl whose style bridges the lassez-faire attitudes of island dressing, with a cosmopolitan sensibility, Herman & Co. pieces are flexible enough to be used when surrounded by either sand and sea, or in the thick of the concrete jungle.


Available At:



Lead photo from @piopio_ph