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Travel Street-Style Meets French Chic! Longchamp by Shayne Oliver Is The Collaboration You Don’t Want To Miss This Summer

Launching soon in May, the Longchamp by Shayne Oliver is an “unexpected collection” that brings together two seemingly opposite aesthetics. Shayne Oliver, founder of the New York-based street-style label Hood by Air, and designer to Helmut Lang, has created a capsule collection for the iconic French luxury leather goods brand, Longchamp; the collaboration itself is set to reimagine travel essentials, offering the same luxurious craftsmanship, but this time with more edge.


Sophie Delafontaine with Shayne Oliver 


Longchamp by Shayne Oliver offers travel essentials, like leather accessories, garment bags, footwear, and even an exclusive design of Longchamp’s signature Le Pliage tote. “I like to challenge myself and do things that are unconventional. I think that can be very liberating.”, says Shayne. “I liked how this project had a strong sense of heritage and different perspective that was based in people’s everyday lives. I was inspired by this. For me, living in New York, Longchamp is part of the, dare I say, streetwear; because a lot of people own Longchamp bags. It has a language that feels very organic to me.”


Far from a clash of aesthetics, Longchamp’s Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine agrees that this unique collaboration offers an exciting exploration. She remarks, “Teaming up with Shayne Olver and mixing our points of view on travel created a chemistry that was very energizing. We are both open minded, and driven by the concept of movement, the energy of our cities and the mix of cultures. We just execute our visions and bring our inspirations to life in a different way, so it has been a very enjoyable process to merge our creative sensibilities.”






Photos are courtesy of Visions & Expressions Inc.