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Here's The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Perfect Underwear For You!

It's 2021! You deserve to know better.

Every great outfit begins with a great pair of intimates. If there's one thing you can't undo in the rulebook of fashion, it's the fact that your undergarment will make or break just about anything you put on. Other than building a solid foundation for your looks, you must also consider investing on good undergarments for the sake of your health! But there's no need to fret, possibilities of getting a yeast infection or painful chaffing can be avoided by mindfully choosing the right size, material, and silhouette for you. If truth be told, shopping for the right undergarment is not rocket science! There are so many great pieces in the market right now thanks to a number of studies and innovations made through the years. When it comes to saving or splurging for the right pair or a wardrobe full of good finds, trust that you're in great hands. 

Check out our quick and comprehensive guide down below as we debunk all of your undergarments myths! From padded to non-padded bras, wired to wireless bras, thongs, seamless underwear, bodysuits, shapewear, to sports bras, and more, all you ever need to upgrade your undergarment game is here.


1. You can't unwrite our love affair for wireless bras because it's already etched in stone. Time and time again, we've gravitated towards these freeing bras because it's perfect for everyday wear and its made to last years when it's really taken care of.

But in spite of that, wired bras are not your worst enemy. The wrong fit can feel restrictive and the weirdly constructed ones can feel like a nightmare but all it takes for you to love wired bras is to cop the ones with the right size and material. To debunk the myth about wired bras and its correlation with breast cancer, Breast Oncologist Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. of confirmed in their 2020 study that "underwire bras do not cause breast cancer," and that "there is no real difference in risk between women who wear a bra and women who don't wear a bra."

Wires on bras can give your breasts the support and structure it needs especially when you're big-breasted. Intimatewear brands such as Spanx and La Perla have gotten better and better when it comes to offering quality wired bras to women of all sizes, so why close your doors on wired bras now?

2. Unlike wired or wireless bras, the difference between choosing a padded or a non-padded bra is purely based on preference not fear. Generally speaking, padded bras are pre-formed and are best worn when wearing shirts but then again freeing the nipple isn't such a bad choice either! Sticking to what you feel comfortable in is always the way to go for this one.

3. It really doesn't matter whether you have an A-cup or DD-cup breasts, any body can benefit from a push-up bra. The added lining and padding can do wonders to the look and support your breasts needs. If we're talking about our favorite picks, the Skims Fits Everybody push-up bra and dipped front thong is the perfect pair to endlessly wear during day time! 

4. Speaking of thongs, there's only one reason why this piece of cloth has gotten big ups from the likes of Vogue, it's making its huge comeback and there's nothing else to do but to fully embrace it! To be quite honest, G-strings or thongs have never left the conversation since it has always been our go-to when we want to feel unapologetically sexy. Apart from its guaranteed sex appeal, it's barely-there design is actually so much better for our skin since it avoids skin chaffing and rashes from stubborn fabrics. The best part? It's never too late to reconsider if you haven't got yourself a pair!

5. While we're at it, we might as well convince you to buy or invest on a good pair of seamless panties. Literally one of the best inventions since the dawn of underwear, seamless panties are heaven-sent. Made specifically for silk dresses or trousers, linen jumpsuits or sets, and for rare times when we dare to wear something as bare as a semi-transparent dress, it's a no-brainer to have a seamless underwear in your skin tone or in white or black.

6. For a more seamless feel, you can also never go wrong with a bodysuit! Bodysuits are the perfect base layer for any form-fitting ensemble. Make sure to invest on the Suit Your Fancy bodysuit from Spanx and make use of its deep plunge neckline, low back silhouette, and detachable straps. Save yourself time and bathroom creativity with its snap closure as well. There's nothing better than a piece of one-piece underwear you can slip on within three seconds or less!

7. If you have ever came across the wonder term sweat-wicking but you never truly know what it means, you came to the right place. When shopping for sports bras, Bustle also recommends that you should opt for sports bras that have sweat/moisture-wicking technology. Yes, cotton is your best friend for hot summer days but when it comes to working out, you should definitely steer away from this material. Go for moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester because these will transfer sweat away from your body rather than absorb it. Recess' Come At Me Bra has the exact thing you're looking for and it's readily available here in the Philippines. 

8. The most important tip of all: get your right size. This should apply to all kinds of intimatewear, whether you're shopping for a bra, sports bra, underwear, or shapewear. We cannot stress enough how important this is! We hope that this guide will help you  find a brand that will cater to your sizing, color preference, budget, and other underwear needs!