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New Lockdown Project: Upcycle Your Clothes Into Something New! Here’s How

Unleash your inner designer with these upcycling methods.

Let the enhanced community quarantine test your inner creative and finally push you to revamp your entire closet. If you have tons of shirts, jeans, and sneakers that you rarely use or worn the life of, you should consider upcycling these pieces into something new. Upcycling is the new recycling and its not just about rewearing your pre-loved pieces but it's more of breathing new life into them through deconstruction. 


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Rewearing your clothes is the most conscious decision you can do to promote a better sustainable lifestyle. Apart from supporting sustainably made T-shirts, why not recreate one in the comfort of your own home? Apart from its beneficial contribution to our planet, the best thing about upcycling your wardrobe is its literally for your own good. We all know that the lockdown is a true test of the times. Make your self-quarantine period a time for self-check and productivity.

We're starting off with revamping pieces you can commonly find in your closet and even in your beau's closet—if given permission. For each fashion piece there will be inspirations and a tutorial to follow the entire upcycling process. Make sure to take notes and adjust accordingly!


First things first, T-shirts are heaven-sent and there's no other fashion piece that shall last a lifetime. T-shirts are versatile and everyone has probably over 10 pieces of these or more. It's a fashion piece that won't ever run out of style and if it ever will, it's still the easiest to revamp. Breathe new life to your T-shirts by completely cutting it into half and attaching it to another—twist, sew, or simply cut it up. Upcycling a shirt is like diving into the dessert counter in a buffet, the design ideas are limitless!

Photo from @withwendy

Denim Jeans

If T-shirts can get you through a lifetime, trust that good quality denim jeans can also take you there. There are a number of ways on how you can upcycle your denim, you can cut them up, change the hem, resize, distress, bleach, dye, paint, bedazzle, or even put embroidery. It's literally a canvas with the length of your entire leg and that just says a lot on how much you can actually do with them. The best part is, some of these upcycling ideas are non-sew which means you don't have to fuss if you don't have a sewing machine. 

Photo from @haleyscornerr

Buttondowns to Dresses

For this part you will need an oversized button down, printed or not, either from your beau's closet or a thrifted piece you have. The idea is to turn an oversized buttondown into a square neck poufed dress. Although in this process you might need to be a little more patient, best believe that it will be worth it!

Photo from @vergegirl

From Nothing

If you want to push yourself further, create a masterpiece from a piece of cloth. Found in almost every part of your house, sew in an entire top and skirt set from a curtain, a bedsheet, tablecloth, or whatever it is you can get your hands on!

Photo from @thenavarose


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If you've been trying to get in touch with your inner Monet, revamp your trusty old white sneakers into a work of art. You can draw, paint, or better yet, hydro drip your sneakers and create your own custom pair. Hydro dripping is a sneaker upcycling method that sprung from Youtube which features designs done through dipping the sneaker in a tub filled with sprayed paint. Find out more on the tutorial down below! And if you're feeling extra, you might as well try this method on a pair of heels.

Photo from @shoppypoo

Photo from Nike

Lead Art by Carla Buyo