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EXCLUSIVE: Vania Romoff Talks About Her Creations For The ABS-CBN Ball

Vania Romoff as a fashion designer is synonymous to understated class and sophistication. The feminine and romantic details of her creations show how subtlety can make a bold impact. Whether they're ruffles, bows, fringes, or pleats accentuating a sleek or dainty piece, Vania's signature touches never fail to impress. Her impeccable aesthetic is one that many fashionistas in the Philippines seek for various milestones in their lives and careers.

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For the ABS-CBN Ball last weekend, Vania dressed up three stars, who are inarguably among the best-dressed of the night. Erich Gonzales, Bea Alonzo, and Leila Alcasid all looked stunning on the red carpet. Sans the over-the-top embellishments, these fashionable Vania pieces stood out in their sheer elegance.

Here, the designer shares with Metro.Style the creative process that went through each gown and the collaboration with her celebrity muses:



Photos courtesy of Vania Romoff


How did you collaborate with Erich, Bea, and Leila for this year's Ball?

"They all had certain directions they wanted to go for or, at least, ideas on how they want to look on the red carpet. For the three women I worked with this year, they were all sure of which color they wanted to wear. Knowing this helped me narrow down my ideas and made things easier. They also had their own stylists who helped communicate their personal preferences in terms of cuts or silhouettes. All of these, I had to consider during the creative process."


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Since they have their own personalities and preferences, how do you create designs that will make each of them stand out without losing the signature Vania style?

"Leila and her stylists from StyLIZed knew what they wanted: powder blue, a V neckline, and sleeves. I sketched her idea out immediately and knew that it had to be done in tulle. Tulle feels light, young, and very appropriate for her age. I sourced a delicate dotted fabric that I thought was just right for her! Everything was easy with her and she ended up looking like a dream."


Leila Alcasid

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"For Bea, I was commissioned to do a red gown for her. Both her stylist, Rex Atienza from StyleList, Inc., and I thought that a taffeta gown was the way to go. I personally loved the idea, too. Bea wanted to wear red, so that part was pretty set. Rex loved the dress I made for the September cover of Metro with Maureen Wroblewitz, so I took inspiration from that ruched look.

The result was a big gown that we all loved. A few days before the Ball, Rex wanted me to do a back-up gown that was subtler and sexier, tighter to the body and using a different fabric. We rushed a second option and, eventually, that one was worn on the night of the Ball! 

We thought it showed off her curves perfectly without revealing too much and she preferred the bright red hue of the dress as well. She looked stunning in it!"


Bea Alonzo


Erich's stylists, Boop and Kim Yap, approached me to create a white dress for the Ball! I was honestly always hesitant to do white gowns because it can always be tricky to find the right design, and not make it look bridal. I came up with about six options for Erich, and we narrowed it down to two—a classic ball gown and the one she wore to the ball—during the first fitting. We loved both looks on her and couldn’t decide until the night of the event.

Erich looked like a movie star out of an old Hollywood film that night, which was really what we were going for! I loved working with her so much; she's down-to-earth and funny! She spoke Bisaya, too, which was great because that’s my native tongue! The entire process was great because they all gave me the freedom to create whatever I felt looked best for Erich! She ended up looking amazing that night!


Erich Gonzales


  Photographs by Magic Liwanag