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[WATCH] Do Yourself A Favor And Finally Organize That Closet Now, Here’s How to Start

Tidying guru Mica Santayana-Canto of Tidily Ever Afters teaches us how to jumpstart our spring cleaning process! Watch the full demo how

Our wardrobe has always been a problematic area in our household. Sometime it’s a safe haven of pretty things or a total dumpster if we let it be. This time that we spend so much at home, it’s about high time to give it a second look—assess it and only keep things that fully give more fulfillment in our lives. It’s a daunting task but luckily, we have tidiness guru Mica Santayona-Canto to help us out. Through her platform Tidily Ever After, she lends a helping hand into jumpstarting our spring cleaning woes at this time, while we’re still at home.


“It can get very comfortable living in our house clothes,” Mica tells Metro.Style in this exclusive video shoot. “Getting dressed has helped me and my husband prepare ahead.” But during these times of uncertainty, it’s all about transitioning properly. How do adjust again to a new life waiting outside? Cleaning our closet space is a good start to maintain the same rhythm as with the life we have pre-quarantine. To avoid a full shock, a well-kept closet space does the trick.

Here’s How You Can Declutter Your Closet For The New Year


Here’s How You Can Declutter Your Closet For The New Year

Start with bringing everything out to see that your closet is such a finite space and nothing to fear. From there, a great journey to let your wardrobe breathe and see your clothes in a whole new light. The demo includes how to segregate your pieces, how to color coordinate themto easily find them, and how to keep it clean moving forward.

It might not seem like the most important thing at the moment but the emotional fulfillment on finally putting a tedious task behind you and looking at something fresh again can lift your spirits as we slowly make our way outside.

See the full video on how to fully organize your closet with Mica below or in Metro.Style’s YouTube page!