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WATCH: How “Digital Creative” Kim Jones Uses Her Platform

In an exclusive feature with Metro Magazine’s August issue, Kim Jones gives readers a glimpse into her home and wardrobe. Having coined the title “digital creative” to describe her work, Kim has set a whole new standard for fashion in the online age, harnessing the potentials of photography, video, blogging and directing.

“There’s a lot I want to explore as a creative. I am an inherently creative person, it’s something that I really pursued since I was a child. ” says Kim, who started her website as a style blog, and which gradually morphed into a creative platform for editorial work, photos and videos. “I really want my influence and my platform to be used for something more substantial, and something I can really hang on.”

These days, Kim admits that her website now serves as more of a creative portfolio, as opposed to a blog. But it remains a powerful platform to promote brands and designers, while also allowing Kim to flex her creative experiments. Earlier this year, Kim unveiled her new enterprise, The Fore, with its first collaboration featuring Ken Samudio, and just last June, she made her directorial debut with her first video short, “Archetype”.

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Clearly, despite being one of the biggest innovators in Philippine fashion, Kim is not one to slow down, constantly honing her skills and evolving the digital. “There’s a lot of voices, all vying and fighting for our attention.”, she says with regards to being an effective digital creative. “It’s really important to have a voice beyond selling a product.”

Photos from #MetroAugust2018


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In an age where digital appears to be the future, her advice to creatives is to find: “Find your voice. Find your point of difference. ‘Kind of detach yourself from the noise a little bit. Authenticity is [such a] ubiquitous word, and I think it’s still important. It’s still your personality—it’s who you are.”



Read the full feature in Metro Magazine’s August Issue. #MetroAugust2018

Photos are courtesy of Metro Magazine.