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WATCH: Metro-In-Motion Brings You Spring-Summer 2018, Straight From New York Fashion Week



So yes, I missed the Marc Jacobs show.


It’s the show that usually wraps up every New York Fashion Week season, and is easily one of my favorites, but Manhattan traffic and Marc’s punctuality got the best of me this time around.

Nonetheless, I managed to zip around town and drop in on my bi-annual roll call of shows, making the most of the beautiful weather and everyone’s great spirits to have conversations about the future of fashion.



Identity, it seems, is the key word. Trend based fashion is slowly on the decline, and personality driven collections are coming to the fore. Which means, now, more than ever, it should be easy for you to skim social media and websites, and discover (or in many cases, re-discover) brands that are singing your tune.


Of all the fashion weeks, New York continues to be the home of wearability. From Tory Burch and Kate Spade’s resort-to-rush hour femininity, to Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole’s continued mastery of the working woman’s whims and wants, and Coach’s slick repositioning to capture an elegant yet rebellious spirit, the Big Apple runways have a direct to closet appeal for the over-inundated.



So my advice to you for this season is quite contrary to my normal mix and match fashion principles. I say clean your slate, find a brand that seems to design with precisely you in mind, and lean all the way in to that aesthetic this year, learning to master your look in a set color palette, flattering silhouettes, and fabrics that make you feel invincible.