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WATCH: This Is What Heart Evangelista Was Up To With Kevin Kwan At Paris Fashion Week


In time for its September issue release and the showing of Kevin Kwan’s ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie, Harper’s Bazaar shared an exclusive look into the Paris Haute Couture week journey of four real-life front-row couture muses, which included our very own Heart Evangelista.

Early in July, fans and netizens were already speculating an exciting collaboration between the esteemed author Kevin Kwan and Heart after the two were spotted together in Paris Couture Fashion week. And finally, we get the confirmation!

Heart Evangelista and Kevin Kwan together in PFW


“Heart Evangelista [is] really the darling of the Philippines,” explains Kevin, as he introduces her in the video. He highlights her reputation as an actress, artist, fashion icon and lavish Hermes bag collector. Along with Heart, Harper’s Bazaar also features Asian fashion icons Michelle and Rachelle Yeoh, as well as Feiping Chang.

EXCLUSIVE: Catching Up With Heart Evangelista At Paris Couture Fashion Week

“[Kevin] is so fun!” Heart shares with us, recalling how she and Kevin met in the Philippines before, but really bonded over fashion in this special feature. And despite the short time, she says, “I feel like I’ve known him for a long time.”



Video from Harper’s Bazaar