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We Know Where We're Buying Our Next Pair Of Sneakers

We're no strangers to celebrities collaborating with brands, putting their personal stamp on limited edition collections. Seeing them throw in their vision and unique style, while maintaining a brand's DNA is something always worth watching. 

One collaboration we're dying to get our hands on is that of Vogue with sportswear brand Nike. An unlikely combination or so it seems, the duo wowed the world of fashion with the unexpected pairing. Check out the video showing renowned Vogue Editor Anna Wintour putting her signature stamp of approval on the collaboration:



Surely one of the most unexpected collaborations thus far, we can't deny though that there is an excitement, and a real need to get our hands on a pair. This limited edition sneaker will go down the fashion history books as the first Nike shoe with THE Anna Wintour's approval. "AWOK", which stands for "Anna Wintour Okay", is the go signal she gives editorial content for the magazine, and in the same manner, the infamous "AWOK" is affixed on the sneaker's sole, making it the must-have shoe of the year.



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Vogue partnered with the Jordan brand for this particular shoe, and a classic silhouette was given the Vogue treatment by incorporating design elements that give it the Vogue aesthetic. 

The "AJI Zip AWOK" comes in University Red and Sail colorways, as seen in the video, and its ultra-soft leather upper is accented by a bold metallic zipper. This design comes with an "Edited by Vogue" Nike Air tag, and the "AWOK" signature on the sole and tongue.


For the "AJIII SE AWOK", the design takes cues from Anna's signature sunglasses and suits, with tweed fabric as the primary material used for the sneaker's upper, and a black heel with the "AWOK" signature. This shoe comes in black and red colorways.

And in signature Vogue fashion, both shoes come in a premium box with two suede dust bags and an "Edited by Vogue" keychain—something to consider as a true blue fashionista collector's item. 


For more information on how to purchase your own, log on to Nike.


Photos via Nike