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We’re Eyeing These Fancy Coats From Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival


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One of the most prized wardrobe essentials, coats are tried and true items to elevate your look—any look for that matter. You can wear it to the office, to a casual day out, or even a night out; and every time you do, there is that feminine power and confidence exuding from the structured piece.


Although it’s true that even the simple coat or blazer is enough to amp up your style, we’re all about looking for the latest cuts and styles for the season. And what better way to anticipate the trends than by looking at the lineup in Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Dynamic, fast-paced and often avant-garde, this is the runway that gets you as close to the pulse of local fashion as possible. If you’re looking for some new blazer to power up your workwear, or perhaps just to invest on a statement coat, check out some of our favorites here:



Jinggay Serag


Cheetah Rivera


Mark Tamayo


Reynier Abello


Rob Ortega


Wilbur Lang


Yong Davalos




Photos by Rita Mae Ela