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Which Leos Make the Best Dressed Celebrities?

Leo season is upon us, which means a month of celebrating some of the feistiest, scene-stealing fashionistas is nigh. Infamous for being one of the most extravagant and attention-adoring astrological signs, Leos are prime fodder for stylish statements that are often bold and alluring. Here is our list of 12 most stylish Leo celebrities!



Audrey Tautou


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Best known for her breakout role in the French cult film, Amélie, Audrey Tautou has been consistent in serving us with her Parisienne chic aesthetic, from off-duty looks to red carpet events. Effortless, and oscillating between dainty and androgynous, Audrey’s style profile is defined by her signature pixie hair cut.

Fun Fashion Fact: Audrey Tautou played a young Coco Chanel in the 2009 biographical drama Coco Before Chanel.


Kylie Jenner


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While the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood has positioned herself to be more of a serious contender in the beauty universe than the fashion world, we still give the soon to be 21 year old props for her nods to style. Borrowing from her big sister Kim’s blueprint of hip hugging and abdomen baring monochromatic pieces, Kylie’s style has solidified itself as the look du jour for the underage set.


Whitney Houston

If there was one pop star that milked the kitschy appeal of the ‘80s, Whitney Houston was it. While Madonna pushed boundaries and leaned towards the provocative, Whitney mastered making showgirl chic accessible. Cinched at the waist, voluminous in the shoulders and wherever one could stuff a ruffle in, as long as it was a little glittery, shimmery, or caught the stage lights, the diva made it divine.


Jennifer Lawrence


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As news of this year’s September Issue cover girls (and guest creative directors—hello American Vogue and Beyonce) begins to seep out onto social media, Fall 2018 fashion campaigns are simultaneously upon us. Models still rule the roost for most fashion houses, but in the case of Dior, a pared down Jennifer Lawrence fronts their collection. Blending the girl-next-door accessibility she’s known for with a fine-tuned luxury spin, JLaw makes it to number 9 on our list.


Lucille Ball

Comedians don’t often make it to iconic style lists, but in the case of I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball, the “Queen of B Movies” of the early 1950s certainly set a precedent for what today’s casual wear looks like. Playing the all-American housewife meant she was often portrayed in smocks and dresses, blouses, and the pegged trousers made so popular in the latter part of her career. Did she significantly impact fashion? Well, we’ll bet our bottom dollar that plaid and polka dots wouldn’t have lasted this long without her.


Mick Jagger


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We had to. Mick Jagger turns 75 this year, and still holds massive influence in fashion scenes across the globe. The epitome of a Leo, Mick has been a rebellious proponent of genderless dressing through the decades, shattering rules of who ought to wear what, and when. With silhouettes that range from skintight bodysuits to flowing kimonos, this iconic rockstar is a source of inspiration for people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Now, if only we had the killer confidence to pull off some of those stage ensembles on a day to day basis.


Cara Delevingne


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Sure, it’s a little bit unfair that she’s constantly surrounded by the most talented fashion visionaries of our lifetime, but model Cara Delevingne is one lioness that certainly knows to how to prowl between luxury and high street, making her fashion statements truly one of a kind. A Karl Lagerfeld favorite, this August 12 baby actually has a lion tattooed on her knuckle, driving home how apt it is to have her on our list.


Dua Lipa


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We could gush about Dua Lipa’s versatile style choices for days. The young London-born Albanian pop star is not only topping the British music charts these days, but she’s edging her way onto the radar of fashion aficionados from New York to Tokyo. With a figure that grants her much-coveted access to samples straight off the runway, Dua Lipa has pulled off a thrilling array of looks, from decidedly sporty to overtly millennial, and romantic to a surprisingly seasoned polish.


Jennifer Lopez


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Did you see her birthday photos this year?! The triple-threat performer saunters into her 49th year looking absolutely incredible, using her fitness as a canvas for some enviable fashion looks. From her iconic green Versace dress of yesteryear, to last week’s pants-less white button down and denim boots ensemble en route to MTV, Jenny from the block rides her way uptown on the relevance train. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in her 50’s!


Meghan Markle

The actress who married a prince, changed her title to the Duchess of Sussex, and simultaneously turned the concept of stuffy royal onto its head with her maddeningly sleek and expertly tailored classicist style. Starting her reign off strong with a Claire Waight Keller collaboration on the royal wedding day, Meghan Markle has been nothing but spot on in her public appearances since, balancing out the perfection and precision of her outfits with just the right amount of tousle in her hair.




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The artist that launched a thousand careers in fashion by way of the inspiration her music videos served early in her career, Madonna holds onto the title of Queen. Unafraid to express herself, she has catapulted looks into “lewks” (decades before that was even a term)—from coned bras to cowboy hats. We are almost certain that every major player in the fashion industry can name a Madonna moment that influenced the trajectory of their career. As she celebrates her 60th birthday, let us all offer a silent word of thanks to the heavens for our Material Girl.


Jackie O.

Immaculate, consistent, and unshakeable, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is hands down one of the most undisputed style influences of her time. Inspiring women across the globe with her signature twin sets and standout sunglasses, we continue to be in awe of how such a seemingly simple look can be so intrinsically intertwined with a personality, a presidential era, a country’s culture, and a romantic sentiment. The often reserved First Lady didn’t seem to quite take on the outwardly swagger-licious demeanor of the typical Leo, but there is a confidence and palpable power in how she put herself together that makes her leader of the pack.


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