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Which New Global Fashion City Best Suits You?

Traveling countless hours and navigating language barriers used to be part and parcel of immersing oneself in a foreign city’s vibe and aesthetic. With the advent of social media, dipping into the stylings of stopovers from Moscow to Morocco is as easy as a flick of the thumb.

So, what cities have influenced you? Or what city does your innate style sentiment match the most? We all know about celebrated fashion capitals like New York, Paris, and Milan. But there’s more than that on the fashion influence map, for sure!


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A region largely recognized for its influence in globally lusted-after interior design, the sometimes sparse, no nonsense monochromatic palettes of black, grey, and white are definitely applicable in an apparel sense as well. Often based on the idea of simple but luxurious comfort (think loose and cozy quality knits) superbly minimalist design is glorified by rich textures and emphasized by a strategic pop of color. A great option for the seemingly contradictory bold introverts out there.




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“Tbi-what? Isn’t Georgia a U.S. state?”

Tbilisi, Georgia is relatively new on the radar for many, but in the circles of fashion, the low flying Eurasian capital is home to its very own Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Heralded by innovative street style and a unique lens in the world of clothing design, this city is dotted with individuality. A wonderful metaphor for a relatively traditional person in the process of exploring style elements and discovering their personal fashion voice, this is the city style profile for the eclectic, fun, and adventurous fashion lover that still wants to color within the lines.




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As mobile offices and remote working become increasingly popular, living in resort wear year-round is likewise gaining ground. Brazil has long been heralded as the global capital of the teeny-weeny bikini, but her portfolio extends from the sand to the land with romantic designs that give a nod to old school glamour. Pleats and silk lend luxury to otherwise beach-ready garb, putting Rio on the radar for the style-phile that is equal parts beach bum and boutique freak.

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While the mention of K-Pop conjures up visions of hyper colored coordinates and outlandish renditions of school girl uniforms, the fashion scene in its native Seoul is a little more streamlined in nature. A playground for mixing and matching tailored pieces and streetwear, the masculine is made feminine by a calculated use of ruffles, prints, and form flattering fabrics. Emphatic and unapologetic in its experimental nature, Seoul is the city for the spunky spirited fashion lover that takes inspiration from both the runways and contemporary pop recording studios.




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With brands like Studio 189 (co-founded by actress Rosario Dawson) and Aurora James’ Brother Vellies stealing the spotlight and garnering recognition from respected fashion bodies like the CDFA, the “new Africa” aesthetic is once again finding its way into current style iterations across the globe. Marked by vibrant colors and unmistakably hand-crafted fabric, the spirit of sustainable fashion, artisan influence, and earth-inspired design lives strong. This is the look for the global visionary, driven by the spirit of community and craftsmanship.


English Countryside

Singlehandedly spinning the royal sphere into a fashion hotspot, Meghan Markle catapults the English countryside into an exciting style proposition by injecting her modern classicist leanings into an otherwise predictable picture. While we delight in the crisp lines and structure of her formal ensembles, it is the relaxed country look that mixes Meghan’s sunny Californian disposition with her new royal responsibilities that is most alluring. The English Countryside is the new peg for elevated weekend living.



Lead photo by Chelsea Ferenando