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Yes, You Can Turn Old Bras Into Eco-Friendly Fuel—Here’s How!

Here's a better and eco-friendly way to dispose your worn-out, unfitted, and unwanted bras

We’re in the middle of the year—the perfect time to spring clean our closet for clothes that no longer fit! And because it would take lots of effort to totally pull a ‘Marie Kondo’ in your wardrobe, you better start with the easiest: your undergarments! 

Ideally, old and unwanted undies should be replaced from six months to a year—or as soon as it can’t provide the comfy support you need. Now the question is: Does it always have to be thrown away after serving its job? Sure, it’s the most convenient option, but get this: Philippine Wacoal Corporation, together with Guun co. Ltd., has found a way to give your old bras a new and eco-friendly purpose!

Forget trash cans or donation boxes, ladies. There’s a ‘Bra Recycling Drive’ happening in town where you can turn old bras into fluff fuel: a more eco-friendly and affordable kind of fossil fuel than coal. Philippine Wacoal has been doing this project since 2017--and has collected around 5,000 bags of for-recycling bras over the years! Innovation meets environment sustainability, right?


The name ”Fluff Fuel” comes from the word fluffy, and they are one of the highest grades of RDF (or Refuse Derived Fuel).  The Fluff Fuels are produced through shredding, compressing and packaging (Baling) of: plastics, papers, and papers.

Want to be part of Wacoal’s ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ effort? Here’s how: After packing your bras, go to participating Wacoal boutiques and ask their beauty advisors for a ‘Bra Recycle Bag’ that can carry up to 4 pieces of undergarment. Seal it using the sticker provided. Then, drop off your package into a recycling bin in the store. Easy-peasy! 

Take note: Any worn-out, unwanted, or unfitted bras—regardless of their condition or brand—will be accepted. Just don’t forget to use the ‘Bra Recycle Bag’ issued by Wacoal beauty advisors. Plus, they’re giving away freebies for each lucky participant—making the whole experience extra fun and rewarding! 

Wacoal’s ‘Bra Recycling Drive’ period runs from July 1 to September 30, 2019. Check out the participating Wacoal boutiques where you can donate your pre-loved goods now!