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Yes, You Can Now Wear Leather To The Beach!

The heat of the summer sun is just around the corner, and we all know that that means: it’s vacation season! If you’re on the lookout for the perfect beach sandals, leave those flip-flops in 2006 and consider wearing leather sandals. Yes, leather.


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Contrary to popular belief, you can wear leather straight from the streets to the beach—as long as it’s waterproof, of course. Fortunately, Salt-Water Sandals, an American summer staple for over 70 years, has finally made its way to the sunny islands of the Philippines! Each cult classic pair is handmade from genuine leather and comes in chic designs: perfect for those looking for off-duty yet elegant footwear.



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Each sandal is coated with water sealant so that it’s protected from water and moisture. It molds itself to your feet and also features rust-proof metal tongues—making these summer must-haves the perfect choice for both wet and dry travels.




Check out our top picks!


Salt-water classic in white 


Salt-water slides in rose gold 


Salt-water classic in gold 


Cover photo from @saltwatersandals