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You Can’t Go Wrong With Your Little Black Swimsuit

With the Holy Week long weekend coming up, no doubt many of you ladies will be booking that much needed trip out of the city. Favorite destination? The beach, of course! This is the perfect season to hit the waves; the summer temperature is not yet at its burning point, the nights relatively cooler, and the mild rainy showers sparse. If you’re scrambling to hunt for a new swimsuit, here’s some good news: The universal color for a chic dress also applies to swimsuits.

Black makes for a sexy, mysterious and, most importantly, slimming color. Whatever the cut of your swimwear, be it one-piece, bikini or halter, the effect of black is the same. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that every girl needs that little black swimsuit, just as she needs that little black dress.

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To get your inspiration, and excitement running, here’s some of our favorite black pieces to bring to the waters:



Maggie Wilson


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Metro Channel ‘Beached’ host, Maggie Wilson and her squad proves how easy it is to get that color-coordinated group shot when you all wear black.



Jessica Yang


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Model Jessica Yang getting ready to party with a plunging black suit—what a stunner!



Chie Filomeno

No need to fuss much with black swimsuits. Really, just sit back and enjoy the beach!



Rachel Peters


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Black is just naturally sexy, so what better way to show-off that beach body!



Kryz Uy


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Ok, we have to admit, black also makes for a daring statement, like Kryz Uy’s Jaws inspired one-piece. Dare you to get in the water?


Lead photo from @rachelpetersx