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You Have To See These Pieces From SCAD Hong Kong's Fashion Showcase!

Say hello to SCAD Hong Kong!

This is Asia's world city's premier school for design and the arts. With campuses in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, as well as in Lacoste, France, this hub for design education is fast becoming one of the world's leading schools, catering to discerning students and parents looking to give their kids a guaranteed outstanding future in their chosen field.


Every room is a well of inspiration

Endless options

Apart from Fashion Design, SCAD offers a multitude of courses that are specific to students' design needs and projected career path, and these include Accessory Design, Animation, Architecture, Design for Sustainability, Furniture Design, Illustration, and a lot more. With more than 40 programs catering to specific educational needs, one is not boxed into the usual courses available in universities, but rather, promotes pursuing one's calling and passion. See all programs here.


Students are fully equipped with the right tools to reach their full potential!


A hub for creative minds

Conveniently situated in the Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong (it is reachable by MTR, bus, and taxi), SCAD's campus was a former magistracy, with building fixtures preserved till the present to keep some of Hong Kong's heritage alive within its walls. This district may be quite a distance from downtown Tsim Sha Tsui or Hong Kong Island, but the charming community boasts of a bustling shopping scene known mainly for electronics, fabrics, and other knick knacks, all sold at very affordable prices. No big shopping malls here though, as the district attracts more of the bargain hunters, or those on the lookout for very specific pieces. 


The campus still makes use of a real-life courtroom to conduct talks and other presentations


Every corner of SCAD HK speaks volumes about what goes on in the minds of the people that dwell there. A walk in one of its floors immediately transforms you to a museum-like experience, with breathtaking creations displayed for visitors to admire. There's no space not well-thought of, and it is obvious that the need to create beautiful things is the driving force behind the institution.


It is no wonder then, that the products of this school are nothing short of remarkable. Surrounded by such beauty and inspiration, one is pushed to express and leave his or her own mark


Global education 

While students are encouraged to practice their education locally, no one is ever discouraged from pursuing his or her dreams of creating a name abroad. SCAD boasts of a curriculum that allows for students to explore various SCAD campuses, as being enrolled in one means he or she has the passport to visit all others for a well-rounded, wider perspective of the design community. In this case, a student's environment and way of thinking is broadened, and eventually opened up to the limitless possibilities he or she can explore. 


The main lobby opens up to the grand staircase as well as MOOT, better known as the students' lounge


The end product

Schools are only as effective as students make their education to be. At SCAD, learning is not just done with books or written exams. As a design school that's dead set on producing the finest professionals in the future, each one is equipped with the right learning machinery to reach his or her goals. Professors provide much needed guidance every step of the way, and share real-life experiences and valuable lessons the students may need to properly arm themselves for the future. Many of the school's graduates have followed their paths to success, and some of the recent fashion graduates prove that it is not just the designs, but the make that matters.


SCAD Fashion Design stars: Rosalina Ma, Endra Devi, and Sammy Leung pose with their outstanding designs

Some of the school's brightest graduates, Rosalina Ma, Endra Devi, and Sammy Leung were invited back to the school to talk about how SCAD helped shape who they are now as designers, and how invaluable the education is to determining their overall success. Rosalina's collection was inspired by her travels to Morocco, and how consuming all the colors and vibrant the patterns were, thus a fashion-forward swimwear collection that's meant to be worn for lounging around. Endra's collection on the other hand, was inspired by Hong Kong nightlife, and by the stories and experiences her friends told, resulting in a complex, striking collection of separates that truly make a statement. Sammy Leung's menswear collection was inspired by the infamous Kowloon Walled City, where asymmetrical patterns on vintage denim took center stage.


"Morocco Tropica" by Rosalina Ma


"Dark Paradise" by Endra Devi


"City of Darkness" by Sammy Leung


SCAD Fashion Showcase 2018

Last January 11, SCAD opened its doors to Sham Shui Po and the rest of Hong Kong's fashionable crowd for its annual showcase, the school's much-awaited event meant to show the world what SCAD graduates are made of. For this grand event, students came up with creations that spoke of their aesthetic as designers as they let their imaginations and skills run wild. To the crowd's delight, every look came out one by one, all as equally awe-worthy as the one before. 

Click through the album to see what went down at the SCAD Fashion Showcase!



For more information, log on to the SCAD Hong Kong site.
Photos by Kate Paras. Runway photos courtesy of SCAD.