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Your Handy Guide in Choosing the Best Diamond Cut for You

What you must know when it comes to one of the four Cs of choosing a diamond.

Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend. And just like real bestfriends, we search far and wide to find our perfect match. And once you find the one, you can’t let it go – you need to get that piece, stat. And to know which diamond to choose when faced with one, it’s handy to be familiarized with the different types of cuts. Which one would you fancy? Read on and decide for yourself.


Round cut. It’s considered as the classic diamond cut and is known for its intense brilliance, thus its popularity to many.


Princess cut. If you prefer your diamond with angles with distinct colors on its sides, then the princess cut is for you! It’s also one of the more brilliant ones out there, so if a round cut seems expensive, this is a good alternative.

Photo form @DannyCJewelry


Cushion cut. This type of cut takes in the shape mid of a round and rectangular. Its many and larger facets and rounded corners earned the approval of many women, and is consider as a timeless cut.

Photo from @tiffanyandco


Emerald cut. Be captivated by its unique symmetry and mirror-like effect. You may fancy its large step facets reflect off one another. Although this isn’t a popular choice, Art Deco fans will find the gem despite its lack of sparkle.

Photo from @mcdowellsjewellers


Radiant cut. Getting its brilliance from the round cut combined with the emerald cut’s shape, this relatively new cut is slowly gaining a following. Be one of the few who dons a piece with this cut!

Photo from @milonjewelry


Oval cut. Thanks to its longer shape than the round one, it is extremely when worn as a ring as it creates an illusion of slender fingers. Generally, most women prefer the oval cut because it’s a good alternative for the round cut.

Photo from @helennar


Marquise cut. This cut takes the shape of an oval, only with two pointed ends. Symmetry is important in this type – its trimmings must align and both sides must be almost identical to achieve as classy look.

Photo from @singlestonela


Pear cut. It’s a mix of the round and marquise cut, and delicate and femme when worn. The teardrop style cut is perfect for those who want a slimming effect on their fingers, as its shape is flattering as well.

Photo from @abuttonaday